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January 2013 Tools of the Trade

NEW 2013 FEATURE: Favorite Things
“I’m a big fan of Benriner Japanese mandolins. They’re super cheap, work well and are very portable. I also love the company’s micro-planes for the same reasons.” – Chef Eddie Lakin, owner of Edzo’s Burger Shop, Evanston, Ill.

NEW 2013 FEATURE: App of the Month
If Easy Street Pub & Grill owner Dan Brush told you what was in his killer Bloody Mary, he’d have to kill you. The Cedarburg, Wis., proprietor is very proprietary about the recipe—he’s only given it out once to a Chicago bar—but it starts with pepper-infused vodka from a huge, glass iced tea dispenser with a spigot. Every four months, he drains the vodka and reserves it, but he tosses the mix of hot and mild peppers, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers (which go on top) and more, thoroughly cleans the glass jar and begins the careful process of layering a fresh batch of garden goodies from bottom to top. A simple strainer against the spigot inside ensures nothing but deliciously infused vodka comes out. The idea was handed down to Brush by the prior owner, but Brush has since taken the idea and developed a second vodka infuser with fruits. This spigoted dispenser is smaller and Brush needs to change it out monthly. According to our bartender Cap, the fruited vodka is fantastic alone (we checked, it is) or mixed with a wide range of beverages, especially lemonade.

Century 2 System chills beer while reducing indoor heat load. Like the original Century Beer System, which uses copper lines to chill beer up to 500 ft. away, the new system lets you locate the refrigeration deck in a remote spot, even outside, reducing the heat load indoors. The UL-approved system can chill beer by an additional 6°F from the temperature of the beer in the walk-in. Dispenses up to 12½ barrels/hr. and offers the option of an additional glycol bath to double output.

Perlick Corp.

Frieling offers 2 new MILKchiller dispensing kits. They provide improved cream flow and reduce dispensing time by up to 15%. The first kit has 3 disposable and fully recyclable parts (short tube, plug, long tube). The second kit has 2 disposable parts (short tube, plug) and a reusable, stainless tube, which can be cleaned easily with the cleaning brush (included). The units maintain safe serving temperatures of 41°F or below. Kits run on all international voltages and are NSF 20 certified.


Rok, with its unique hot-rock cooking system, includes the Premier 650 High-Temperature Oven. This well-insulated, stainless oven has 2 shelves and varied settings, which can heat from 25 to 108 volcanic rock stones at a time. The oven can reach temperatures up to 850°F; rocks retain residual heat for tableside cooking. A newly-designed stainless tray minimizes the effect of thermal expansion. The oven is safety- and sanitation-certified by UL, cUL and NSF.


Designed to hold taller cookware, the new DH5000T dual dishmachine from Champion accommodates sheet pans and large pots. This Energy Star-certified, high-temperature hood-type dishmachine features a sloped hood, electronic controls, rinse sentry, auto-start, interchangeable stainless wash and rinse arms, and cleans up to 55 racks/hr. using 0.89 gal./rack. Champion’s patent-pending Tri-Rinse System keeps the energy and water consumption at low levels. The new DH5000T can be combined with Condensate Removal or Direct Vent options. 

Champion Industries

Do it all with the Easy Chopper II—the one food prep tool capable of handling even colossal veggies with minimal precutting. The Easy Chopper II produces a ¼-in. chop, 3/8-in. chop, ½-in. chop, ¼-in. slice, 3/8-in. slice, ½-in. slice, and 6-section and 8-section wedge. The 4¼-in. cutting grid always allows you to cut the big veggies. A 2-qt. food container fits underneath the Easy Chopper II for capturing cut veggies.

Nemco Food Equipment

With the “mini” craze becoming more and more popular, American Metalcraft introduces stainless Mini Colanders. The Mini Colanders look like their larger kitchen utensil counterparts, except they are tiny, shiny and can be cleverly used to serve vegetables, sides and trendy appetizers. Mini Colanders currently measure just 4-in. in dia. x 2½-in.H. American Metalcraft plans to expand the line this year.

American Metalcraft

Tomlinson’s new SPBJU Juice Faucet will easily dispense thick pulpy juices and beverages. Designed for use on beverage containers and dispensers, this juice faucet has a fast flow rate of 1.43 gal./min. with no after drip. Made of FDA-grade and NSF-approved polyethylene, this faucet is easy to clean and maintain. Several handle options are available including the new Crystal Handle, Cup Trip Handle, Tomlinson Wishbone Handle and Tomlinson Nudger Handle.

Tomlinson Industries

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