Equipping Buffalo Wings & Rings

Key equipment keeps Buffalo Wings & Rings running right. See product writeups below, and read our main feature, Wings Machine, at http://www.fermag.com/?id=16.

Buffalo Wings & Rings’ menu features a variety of fried items produced in small batches, which is why the company chose Henny Penny’s split-vat model. The OFG-323 Series split-vat open fryer prevents potential cross-flavoring by keeping products separate in their own vats. The split vats each offer 6-lb. capacities but you can also order a full vat with a 12-lb. capacity. Computron 8000 electronic controls come standard on the new series and allow you to set cooks times and temps with the touch of a button. An idle mode saves energy and reduces the stress on shortening when the fryer isn’t fully heated. A built-in filtration system filters oil in less than 4 mins., says Henny Penny, with no separate pumps or pans required. Hot filtered oil returns directly to the fry well. Energy Star approved.
Henny Penny Corp.

A wall-style baffle filter canopy hood�Accurex Model XBEW, to be precise�captures the effluent generated by Buffalo Wings & Rings’ fryer battery and grill. This Type I hood is rated for temperatures ranging from 400°F to 700°F. It’s constructed of 430 stainless with an embossed finish, and all seams, joints and hood penetrations are welded using “standing seam construction” for maximum strength. The hood length can be spec’d in 1″ increments while its width can be spec’d in 3″ increments. UL 710 listed and NSF approved.

Buffalo Wings & Rings’ signature curly fries retain heat and crispness with the help of Vollrath’s Cayenne OHC-500 Heat Lamp. Stylish enough for front- or back-of-house applications, the warmer features a heat lamp set into a rectangular s/s hood that radiates heat evenly. You can adjust the height of the lamp’s chrome-plated stand assembly to anywhere from 12″ to 20″ above the counter. The wide base accommodates standard 12″ x 20″ pans, while nonskid feet prevent the unit from sliding on countertop surfaces. Power requirements: 120V, 500W, 4.2 amps.
Vollrath Co.

The Kitchen Display System by Micros transmits front-of-house orders at Buffalo Wings & Rings directly to kitchen touch-screen video monitors positioned at five stations: wing, sandwich, salad, tender and expo. The chain uses the Micros RES 3700 point-of-sale solution, designed for both quick- and table-service operations. The LCD touch-screens at each station track order progress and ticket times. Once an order is complete, cooks “bump-off” the order by tapping the screen twice. In addition to managing orders coming into the kitchen, the KDS also provides the capability to view media files for training purposes and measure performance through a suite of reports, another key piece for the chain.
Micros Systems

Buffalo Wings & Rings grills its seasoned gyro meat on a traditional Vertical Broiler made by Autodoner. The unit’s heavy-duty infrared burners sear in juices, creating that signature charbroiled taste. A four-way adjustable skewer lets you control the rate of broiling, while adjustable heat shields focus heat on the product and not into the kitchen. An automatic slip-clutch stops rotation to allow for safe and easy carving.
Autodoner/Optimal Automatics

Buffalo Wings & Rings prepares the majority of its nonfried hot items on either an APW Wyott Gas Griddle or Gas Charbroiler. The 36″-wide griddle, model GGT-36H, features a polished griddle plate that’s continuously welded to the base for maximum durability. Heat is controlled by a mechanical modulating valve/thermostat. The unit’s 4-qt. grease trough is wide enough to accept full-sized spatulas. The charbroiler, model GCB-24H, is rated at 40,000 Btu/hr. The cooking surface consists of cast-iron “steak char” grates. Both griddle and charbroiler feature welded stainless and aluminized steel construction and are set atop 4″-high heat-resistant adjustable legs. Field-convertible gas regulators add to ease of installation and maintenance. CE models include safety pilot.
APW Wyott/Standex

Vollrath’s electric food warmer, a.k.a. Model 1001, retains heat inside its four walls thanks to a self-insulating Thermoset fiber-reinforced resin well. The unit gets its warmth from a dome heating element that uses about 25% less energy than similar hot wells, the company says. Other efficiency features include a thermostat that supplies power only when needed, a low-water indicator light, and a heating element coated with a nonstick surface to prevent scale buildup. The heating element is cast-in for longer service life and greater energy transfer. The warmer comes in standard black with a brushed metal exterior. The wide lip keeps countertops dry. Ideal for 4″-deep food pans, both standard fractional sizes. Dimensions: 21″L x 13″W x 9″H.
Vollrath Co.

Sometimes products need a quick boost of heat before being delivered to the customer. Buffalo Wings & Rings opted for Amana Commercial’s LD10MP Light-Duty Microwave Oven for these applications. The 1,000W, 120V compact unit features five power levels, three cooking stages and an easy-open push-button door. The interior cavity measures a roomy 8″H x 13″W x 14 5/8″D. Footprint is 20 7/8″W x 15″D; unit comes with a limited 3-yr. warranty.
Amana Commercial/Ali Group

Prepared ingredients for Buffalo Wings & Rings’ sandwich fixing and salads are held in Beverage-Air Mega Top tables. The 18-pan-capacity prep tables feature an enhanced refrigeration system and an improved grill system that gives better airflow while keeping temperatures steady. The cabinet’s circulating, chilled air keeps pans at a cool 41°F, eliminating the need for air blankets above. The tables are made of heavy-duty s/s fronts, sides, tops, doors and grills and include removable hoods and insulated lids. The doors feature cartridge-style hinges that let them swing closed under their own weight,or stay open at a handy 120° angle for easy access. Vinyl magnetic gaskets on each door keep cold air inside. Cabinets are insulated with CFC-free, 2″-thick foamed-in-place polyurethane.
Dimensions: 72″W x 34″D x 41″H.
Beverage-Air/Ali Group

Buffalo Wings & Rings stores frozen curly fries, seafood, tenders and more in a 24″-wide reach-in freezer positioned directly across from the fryer battery. The Beverage-Air EF24 unit keeps food frozen using a down-duct air distribution system that gently and efficiently circulates cold air throughout the cavity. Other features include cabinets insulated with R-22 foamed-in-place polyurethane for maximum cold retention, hinges that hold doors open at 120° paired with a gravity self-close feature, and heavy-duty construction. A digital thermometer mounted on the unit’s exterior offers a continuous read of interior temps. Available in full- or half-door versions.
Beverage-Air/Ali Group

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