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VITO fryer oil filtration system (in 3 sizes to accommodate 26-lb. to more than 50 lb. oil capacities) can help reduce your oil demand up to 50%, according to the company. Filtration takes about 3½ min. and runs automatically without supervision. Hook VITO onto the basket bar of your hot fryer (the filter goes below the oil surface) and press start. VITO filters the oil and stops automatically. Remove the unit from the fryer and place it in its holder. The special accordion filter will have filtered out carbonized particles, micro particles and suspended sediments. VITO parts clean easily in your dishwasher.

SYS Systemfiltration GmbH

SinAqua induction food holding wells provide significant energy savings and extend food life—they comprise a steam table system without water. In comparative tests with traditional steam tables, SinAqua’s unique waterless design saves more than 50% in energy costs. SinAqua maintains holding temperatures accurately and consistently. Accommodates standard full, 2 half-size, or 3 third-size hotel /gastronome pans. The SinAqua system works with most 18/8 (300 series) stainless pans; no need for magnetic pans.


The Saf-T-Knife Station from San Jamar offers safe, sanitary and secure storage for kitchen knives. The durable, break-resistant plastic construction is easily mounted and disassembled for thorough dishwasher cleaning. The enclosed design protects knives from contamination and damage. Top slot material is gentle on knives, and slots accommodate a variety of sizes, including a cleaver and a knife sharpener. The clear, see-through door makes choosing a knife easy. Affordably priced. Knives not included.

San Jamar

Win-Holt offers Win-Air, a complete line of UL-listed and NSF-approved Ventilation Kitchen Hood Systems. Highlights include: “HV” high-velocity extractors with the option to add a remote water-wash control center; ultraviolet (UV) hood systems; pre-piped fire suppression systems and a contact network ready to install the systems in hoods across the U.S.; standard hood models that can provide numerous options for supplying make-up air to air-conditioned spaces; and utility distribution systems (UDS) that are extremely versatile and typically rated at 25% above electrical capacity.

Win-Holt Equipment Group

Jim Abanto was fond of his plumber. “He was a good guy, I got to know him pretty well because he was here every four or five weeks clearing my drains,” he laughs. Abanto is owner of El Chalan, one of two Peruvian restaurants his family has run for decades in Miami and Miami Beach, Fla. Abanto mentions his plumber in the past tense because he hasn’t had to call him in five months since installing four of The Drain Strainers. The all-stainless devices install below any sink between the drain and the grease trap—or floor or wall drain—and catch (on a screen) the food debris that’s left on poorly scraped dishes and pans. The screen prevents the debris from clogging the drains, but allows liquids to flow through freely. The screen slides out to be dumped into a garbage can. “I have a wonderful staff—they’re responsible—but employees will always find a way to expedite their jobs, and unfortunately, that involves sending a lot of food debris down the drain. We clogged up all the time,” Abanto explains. He loves the low-tech, simple solution because it takes the thinking and the tinkering out of the warewashing process for his staff. “I’ve simplified their job and saved myself service calls,” he says. The patented Drain Strainer comes in three sizes and retails between $375 and $550.

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