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PRODUCTS: June 2013


The old adage, “a watched pot never boils,” seems annoyingly true to foodservice operators who need hot water in a hurry. Chef Liz Gimenez, director of hunger relief at Second Helpings, a community kitchen that prepares and distributes meals free of charge in Indianapolis, has found the answer to this particular problem with an Atmospheric Hot Water Dispenser, AWD-12 Series, from Hatco Corp.“It is so quick and reliable,” Gimenez says. “I get hot water in the blink of an eye.” The hot-water dispenser can provide 2, 3 or 4 qt. of hot water at up to 195˚F for easy food preparation or cleaning. “Many sauce mixes we receive come concentrated or powdered—the only thing needed is hot water,” Gimenez says. “We just press a button and pour hot water over the sauce, stir and in a couple of minutes we have a great silky sauce.” Instead of filling a pot with water and setting it on the stove to boil, which wastes precious time in the kitchen and takes up range space, Gimenez and her volunteers get hot water in just a few minutes. “It saves us hours each day,” she says.


Alto-Shaam’s new round wells provide better food storage, display and quality. Available in 7- and 11-qt. sizes, the company’s Halo Heat technology wraps around the wells, radiating from the recessed surface and providing greater ambient surface-temperature control. An adjustable thermostat provides hot holding temperature flexibility, and the wells can be used with an existing counter, overhead lighting and sneeze-guard system. You also can drop it into a prep table for hot-food plating convenience.

Alto-Shaam Inc.



Offering your customers self-serve water at a central station or on tables makes dining and drinking quick, convenient and interactive. Made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, the new Camwear 34-oz. Pitcher With Lid features a frosted design to hide scratches. The 3-position lid strains ice, free pours or closes to protect contents. Graduations are clearly marked on the sides of the pitcher. Commercial dishwasher safe, the pitcher and lid stack to save space when stored.

Cambro Mfg.



The IntelliCheck System is a HACCP food-management system designed to automate food-temperature data logging and standard operating procedures. Using an integrated stainless food probe that connects to any Apple iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad), the system allows you to collect critical food temperatures at all phases of food preparation. From receiving to storage, cooking to food service, just insert the probe into the food and select the appropriate option on your touchscreen and the system will do the rest.

E-Control Systems Inc.



With the combined power of two ceramic grinders, two heating systems, a high-performance pump and two fluid systems, the GIGA X7 Professional prepares delicious espresso-based beverages—two at a time. This advanced model is intuitive to operate with a rotary switch and color display screen that guide you through beverage preparation with simple words and graphics. You can individually program 20 different beverages for streamlined barista-quality coffee service. The large-capacity machine features a 169-oz. water tank and two bean containers that hold 23 oz. each.

Jura Capresso Inc.



The Fusion Plus line of Energy Star-qualified glass-door merchandisers, coolers and freezers expands Master-Bilt’s Fusion foodservice cabinet offering with a complete dealer line of glass-door refrigerated and frozen merchandisers that includes swinging and glass doors. Increased pack out space, LED lighting, a backlit graphic panel, noise-reducing technology, maximum product display design, adjustable shelving and 3-yr. parts-and-labor warranty are standard.




Bake your pizza, and see it, too, with the Premium 12-in. Pizza & Snack Oven. Featuring a lighted interior cabinet, tempered-glass door and heavy-duty chrome-plated baking rack, the countertop oven bakes—and holds at serving temperature—any frozen pizza, snack food or single-serve entrée. The oven has an adjustable 150˚F to 450˚F thermostat well as an easy-set 30-min. timer with a hold feature. Skid-resistant feet ensure the oven will stay put while the crumb tray’s non-stick finish makes for easy clean up.

Tomlinson Industries



Two new equipment options are available for refrigerators and hot-food holding cabinets: For Traulsen’s R&A and G products, dishwasher-safe EZ-Change Interiors provide quick cabinet reconfigurations without tools. Heavy-gauge stainless tray slides hold 100 lb. without bending; a heavy-duty option can support up to 150 lb. Additionally, EZ-Open Foot Pedals enable hands-free access for R&A Series reach-ins, complementing the stay-open door feature. The pedals have an ergonomic design offset from the door, positioned close to the floor. By minimizing contact with the door, you can have both hands available to hold and manage product and trays.




Hatco introduces Serv-Rite Portable Buffet Warmers in Bold Black Gloss Finish. These units come with or without overhead and halogen lights. You have a choice of single- or two-sided, clear- or smoked-glass food shields. Choose from a variety of heated bases to fit standard pans: black-glass or decorative Swanstone. Hatco’s Serv-Rite Portable Buffet Warmers are perfect for upscale buffet lines and as hors d’oeuvre displays for self-serve areas.

Hatco Corp.



Geneva’s Simplicity Series room-service tables are sleek, strong and simple. The new HDPE Duratop is a solid, seamless, impact-resistant 1-in. tabletop guaranteed to reduce peeling, chipping and snagged linens. The table frame is constructed with 2-in.-by-1-in. square tubing available in cold-rolled steel with powder-coated black finish or classic stainless. The hot-box shelf is durable and easy to clean and conveniently flips up for nested table storage. The one-pull T handle makes cart easy to flip and store. Slides move gently from the interior of the table and nest into the leaf. What really sets this table apart is its “Exclusive C-Swing Hinge.”  In one simple motion, the leaves flip from a lower to upper position. This reduces time in hallways and guest rooms and makes for an efficient room-service delivery and retrieval process.

Geneva Designs/Lakeside Mfg.



The new Port-A-Cool Islander, an evaporative cooler that is to summer as a patio heater is to winter, is a commercial-grade portable evaporative cooling unit that lowers outdoor temperatures by as much as 30°F. The Islander is uniquely designed to provide powerful centrifugal airflow that projects 360° of cooled air up to 14 ft. The cooling unit uses high-efficiency rigid cooling media called KÜÜL pads to naturally cool spaces up to 600 sq. ft. without refrigerants. Hospitality professionals can extend outdoor enjoyment with this effective, energy-efficient spot-cooling unit. 




Open up more counter space with the Curtis G3 Concept Primo Cappuccino Specialty Drink Dispenser. Its new, space-saving access door opens up, not to the side, so there’s no need to leave a gap between equipment, freeing up valuable counter space. Beautifully styled and digitally advanced, the machine is available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-head models. The Primo allows you to digitally control blending and dispensing functions for consistently perfect blended beverages. 

Wilbur Curtis Company 



Server Products has a new line of 2-oz. stainless pumps specifically designed to dispense larger portions of condiments and ingredients. Perfect for back-of-house dispensing, these pumps deliver up to 2 oz. per stroke to help speed prep time. They come with ½-oz. and ¼-oz. portion-reducing gauging collars to customize portion size for consistent, accurate dispensing. Pump models are available to fit a variety of food containers to dispense thin (syrup and sauces), thick (ketchup and mayonnaise) or particulate foods (tartar sauce and salad dressing). Two-yr. warranty. 

Server Products



The CookTek OmeletBuster Double Burner Induction Cooktop delivers 2 cooking positions on a standard 120V/15A outlet with enough power (900W) in each burner to cook 2 3-egg omelets in 90 sec. simultaneously. While designed with the egg station in mind, the 20-in. W x 11-in. D x 3-in. H cooktop can tackle other single-portion dishes, such as stir-fry or pasta. Each induction burner has its own separate controls. Automatic shutoff prevents overheating. Lightweight at under 10 lb., the cooktop works with less cost than butane and eliminates open flames, making it ideal for front-of-house cooking stations. 



The Blanco Cook front cooking station is now available for 4 cooking units, rather than just 2 or 3. With a significantly smaller extraction bridge, it provides customers with a better view of food preparation while providing the chef with larger work surfaces and storage spaces. Filtration is enhanced with the Ion Tec option, which filters blue smoke and approximately quadruples the service life of the activated carbon filters. Grease, moisture and annoying odors are removed from the cooking fumes. The automatic control system notifies users when filters need to be replaced. All filters and fans can be accessed easily from the cook’s side. LED lighting available. 




Creating a convenient, space-saving, countertop food-warming station is now faster, easier and more cost-effective with the new line of hanging infrared strip heaters from Nemco Food Equipment. Each heater, with hanging bracket mounts, features a cord and plug, allowing foodservice operators to quickly install and power up the unit without the need to hire a service agent or electrician to do any hard wiring. Consistently holding foods at optimum temperature without drying or overcooking, these heaters are ideal for a wide range of busy commercial applications. Aluminum construction is easy to clean and durable for lasting quality. 

Nemco Food Equipment



Need to upgrade your professional wireless headset communication system? Quail Digital has extended the bandwidth on its Q-Pro5 drive-thru system from 8KHz to 16KHz. The upgrade has improved audio quality between wireless headsets and between the headsets and the order point. Noise-canceling technology also removes external traffic noise more efficiently to give much clearer communication between customers and order taker. Fully configurable for single-lane, tandem and dual-lane restaurants all from a single base station, the Q-Pro5 takes the user experience to a new level for audio quality, comfort, flexibility and features for greater productivity and performance. 

Quail Digital



With Robot Coupe’s New Cuisine Kit Attachment you can perform many more functions with your existing food processor. Use the Cuisine Kit to make your own fruit and vegetable coulis, prepare hot and cold soups, sauces, ice creams, smoothies, jams and more. Additionally, with its juicer attachment, you can prepare both citrus and non-pulp fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The Cuisine Kit is available in 2 sizes. It is an optional attachment for use with the R2, R301, R401 and R402 Robot Coupe machines. The Cuisine Kit for the R2 will fit all R2 machines, both older and newer units. 

Robot Coupe



Model FK430 is ideal for large cooking pots, featuring 4 x 40,000-Btu burners in lieu of 6-burners normally found on a 36-in. range frame, at half the cost of a “Hotel Range”. FK4 series cooktop options include an 18-in.W flat-top griddle, raised griddle-broiler or charbroiler. The FK4 series also features a 31 1/2-in.W standard oven for better air flow around common 26-in. sheet pans. For maximum oven production, a convection option is available. As with all Comstock ranges, they feature sturdy welded frames and are insulated with an industry best 2-in. clearance rating, allowing Castle ranges to be safely and efficiently placed next to refrigeration.

Comstock-Castle Stove Co. Inc.



The StayFlat Sheet Pan features engineering and manufacturing innovations that counteract the most common reasons for sheet pan failure, flaring and bowing. The StayFlat Sheet Pan’s sides are continuously reinforced with a horizontal engineered rib which increases the wall strength by up to 30%. In addition, a new manufacturing method is used to impart a residual tensile stress in the aluminum which significantly increases the pan's strength and overall resistance to bowing. The StayFlat Sheet Pan is designed to fit most commercial rack ovens and can be purchased plain or coated with AMERICOAT Plus Silicone Glaze.

Chicago Metallic

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