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PRODUCTS: August 2013

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In just about every foodservice establishment you enter, bottled beverages on display in cold cases are stocked horizontally across shelves by brand. In commercial retail, we know some purveyors pay extra to be stocked in the “sweet spot,” the shelf at eye level. But the folks in the foodservice department at Christiana Hospital, Newark, Del. - part of Christiana Care Health System - didn’t have to worry about stocking issues; they’re more concerned about the visitors to their retail café, which was renovated in 2007. “Based on feedback from a focus group, we took a different approach with our to-go cases,” said Jean-Gerard Delinois, the administrative manager for the Food and Nutrition Department at Christiana Hospital. “Instead of stocking items horizontally across shelves, we stock them in narrow vertical columns in order to provide convenient access to the drinks to our visitors who use wheelchairs.” The idea works for beverages as well as prepackaged food items and snacks, and while it’s ideal for healthcare where wheelchairs abound, it can apply anywhere to ensure products are easy to reach at any height.


The new Stealth, Max Induction 1800W, portable, countertop induction range from Spring USA offers an attractive appearance with its durable, stick-resistant, stainless housing. The range can be used as a cooking range or as a hold-only unit. Ranges maintain a steady temperature without surges or spikes. Easy to clean and won’t show fingerprints!

Spring USA


Manitowoc’s newest ice machine, NEO, is an all-in-one, undercounter ice-making and -storing solution. It provides a new level of performance, intelligent diagnostics and convenience. NEO delivers up to 40 lbs. more ice over a 24 hr. period than previous Manitowoc models, but keeps the same compact footprint (26-in.Wx28-in.Dx38 ½-in.H). Plus, NEO outperforms in energy conservation as well with more Energy Star qualified models than ever before. Power, Delay, Cleaning, Bin Full and Service buttons are bright, easy-to-read and provide on-the-spot feedback from your machine. With its removable bin and low profile construction, NEO fits anywhere you need it to be. Easy access, angled door makes ice more visible and easy to scoop. Pop-out filter cleans easily and is dishwasher safe.



No matter the size or capacity, Alto-Shaam’s Cook & Hold ovens can help improve your bottom line. The Cook & Hold cooks a load of food for less than $1 worth of electricity, even if you run it overnight. And UL confirms that since the Cook & Hold has low emissions, no external ventilation is required, which can save about $2/hr. of operation. With about 18% less meat shrinkage, the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold also allows operators to get more servings from your meat; and the natural meat tenderization action makes the most of less expensive cuts of meat. Easy to operate.



Rational has developed a special transport trolley for quick and easy removal of fat collectors and canisters. These heavy containers can now be transported easily thanks to this new accessory, which can be easily placed next to all stand-alone combis and Combi-Duo combined units with the “integrated fat drain.” The transport trolley also makes cleaning the floor easier. With its robust stainless casters, the transport trolley moves effortlessly and securely. Brakes on 2 casters keep the trolley firmly fixed in place when stationary. The handle is removable and can simply be placed in the handle holder on the side.


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