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PRODUCTS: December 2013

Sometimes you find a tool that makes your life a little bit easier, and you begin to wonder how you ever worked without it. That’s how Chef John Bendzinski, Capital Banquet Center, Washington, Mich., felt when he discovered the Trash-Ease through his neighbor and the product’s inventor, John Cundy, JPC Products.

The Trash-Ease is a convenient, portable trash-bag holder that attaches to any table-like flat surface, creating a stable, large trash receptacle just about anywhere. Made in the United States, two versions of the Trash-Ease hold either 13-gal. or 33-gal. drawstring trash bags. A powder-coated and rubber-dipped exterior protects against damage to surfaces. 

Bendzinski places several of the units around the banquet center’s kitchen: by the vegetable-prep area, the baking area and hot-food prep area.

“There’s about 6 in. of space between the bag and the table, so there’s no cross-contamination,” he says. “You just hook them on any table, and you’re ready to go. And it’s so easy to pull out another bag and put it on right in the heat of the battle.” 

Bendzinski also loves the portability of the Trash-Ease.

“They’re awesome,” he says. “They don’t take up any room when you travel on catering jobs” and they’re easy to store, unlike typical garbage cans. 

The banquet center’s employees also are fans of the product.

“There’s no more washing garbage cans, no more breaking garbage cans, no more leaks and no more mess,” Bendzinski says. “No one wants to carry a heavy trash can. It’s much easier for (the employees) to just run a trash bag out back and fling it into the dumpster.”


Detecto’s new Mariner IP67 (model WPS 10) washdown portion-control scale is submersible, making it simple to clean without fear of damaging interior parts. The NSF-certified stainless scale offers a dual power source of rechargeable battery power or 120V AC adapter (included) with a watertight AC plug on the side. The scale’s digital speed and accuracy means you’ll be able to view weights instantly with up to 0.1-oz. accuracy. Weigh up to 10 lb. in lb.-oz., fractional oz. and other options. The scale features an audible Over/Under alert for check weighing and the clearly visible 1 1/5-in.-high backlit blue LCD display. Measures 7 1/2-in.W x 9 3/4-in.D.


The all-stainless Tomato Laser has an exclusive staggered blade cartridge to give you perfectly sliced tomatoes every time. A 6-in.-deep pan fits under the blade assembly allowing for bulk slicing. Heavy-duty suction-cup feet keep the unit in place. The quick-change blade cartridge is easy to remove and has a wash guard that makes it safe and easy to clean. Choose from 3 different slicing thicknesses: 3/16, 3/8 and 1/4 in. Because of its patent-pending design, the Laser can be put into a standard dish rack, either assembled or disassembled, and run through any dishwasher. The feature is a key difference between the Laser and other competitive manual slicers made of aluminum castings.
Edlund Co.


The Checkit wireless food-safety monitoring system from Elektron Technology lets you keep track of the temperature, humidity and door status of cold-storage, hot-holding and food-preparation areas, as well as ensure hygiene checks have been completed, direct from the browser on any mobile device. If problems occur, alerts are sent automatically, avoiding food spoilage and food-borne illness. Smart wireless sensors ensure continuous monitoring while wireless hand-held units collect data at the press of a button; the time-stamped information is downloaded to a centralized database. Checkit’s browser-based software clearly displays color-coded readings from every sensor, so you can see exactly what’s going on at a glance.
Elektron Technology


Capton’s all-digital beverage data collector is housed within a classic-looking package that features electronics 73% smaller than the previous model; the data collector is wrapped around an industry-standard tapered metal pour spout, so bar staff won’t need to modify pour methods. A digital engage switch and digital tilt sensor provide accurate measurement regardless of pour angle. The modular spout is designed to disassemble for easy cleaning and replacement of nozzles and corks. Using proprietary power-management technology, the spout sips power for a long battery life. Additionally, the spout has a 2-yr. warranty.


Fisher Manufacturing introduces a new video library on their website, Created to educate customers on the key advantages of Fisher fixtures, the library addresses a wide range of topics, such as the benefits of Fisher Lead-Free Stainless Steel Fixtures, the convenience of Fisher EZ Install Adapters for backsplash mount faucets and how to select the right diameter faucet. The video series stars Jeff Westley, Fisher’s v.p.-sales; using cutaway models and mock installations, Westley demonstrates how Fisher’s quality materials and attention to detail can deliver a superior return on investment.
Fisher Manufacturing


Nor-Lake adds three new products to its AdvantEDGE Merchandiser line: the Slide Glass Door Refrigerator, the Swing Glass Door Refrigerator and the Swing Glass Door Freezer. All three are featured with a standard black or white exterior finish, a white interior finish with stainless floor and 4 adjustable heavy-duty epoxy-coated shelves per door. The merchandisers also come with interior LEDs, a top backlit graphic panel, anti-microbial finish on the door handles and a self-contained bottom-mount refrigeration system, which provides easy access to the refrigeration system for ease of service and regular preventative maintenance. All models are Energy Star listed.
Nor-Lake Inc.


FETCO introduces the Extractor TBS-2121 Twin Iced Tea Brewer. This 3 1/2-gal. (per side) iced-tea brewer has a simple touch-screen display that intuitively guides users through the set-up and programming for daily brewing modes. Create and display up to nine recipe names for easy access and reference. Unit can brew up to 12 gal./hr. and the slim dispensers lift out and go anywhere you need a tea station. The Cascading Spray Dome provides excellent coverage for loose-leaf or prepackaged tea and will never clog. You can count on operational efficiency and consistently great tasting beverages with this unit.

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