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PRODUCTS: January 2014

Robert Regan, owner of Gumbeaux’s Cajun Café, a family-owned restaurant in Douglasville, Ga., is a big fan of the new high-efficiency P 38 convection fryer from Pearl City Manufacturing, Inc. For the past 19 years, he’s relied on conventional 40-lb., 2-basket fryers to cook seafood, his menu mainstay. But after learning about the PCM fryer from a local distributor, Regan decided to test it out. He loves it. “What sold me was the convection heating of the oil,” he says. With a temperature range of 200°F-360°F, the large, open-vat fryer rates 250,000-Btu input and fits 4 baskets at a time. With a unique design, the PCM fryer continually recirculates oil through a heat exchanger underneath the fry tank and disperses it back into the tank. This allows for instant temperature recovery and high efficiency even under heavy fry loads. There are no heat tubes or elements inside, under or on the outside of the tank. The unit also is a low-oil-volume fryer; it only requires 75 lb. of oil (model P 30) or 105 lb. of oil (model P 38) to surpass the throughput/production of 3 conventional 50-lb. fryers requiring 150 lb. of oil. The Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s Food Service Technology Center in San Ramon, Calif., tested the P 38 model’s sister fryer, P 30, and reports it achieves 70.6% energy efficiency while producing 168 lb./hr. Regan, who opted for the larger P 38, appreciates the built-in oil-filtration system on the unit because automatic filtering is safer for employees, and good oil maintenance saves him oil costs to the tune of $4,000 a year. “We ran a comparison and found this machine saved us 30 containers of oil every quarter,” he says. “That pays for the fryer.”

Redesigned to include slimmer units, the Series 2 air curtain features updated colors, such as matte black and spartan bronze, and a sleek new design that allows the Mars Air Systems units to blend in with various architectural designs. Able to accommodate most door types and sizes, the air curtains enhance work environments while reducing overall energy consumption and maintaining air quality inside a building. Typical applications include drive-up windows; walk-in coolers, freezers and kitchen receiving doors; and customer-entry, receiving and loading-dock doors. Designed to discharge a stream of air down through a door opening, the air curtains resist the infiltration of windborne dust, pollen, smoke and flying insects while maintaining a building’s desired indoor temperatures.
Mars Air Systems

Winterhalter’s new PT Series is available in 3 sizes: PT-M, PT-L and PT-XL. For the first time, the pass-through dishmachines are available with different software features; special programs for dishes, bistro, glasses or cutlery refine wash results. A variable washing-pressure adjustment, VarioPower, sets the pressure to suit the items being washed and the degree of soiling. Elliptical wash fields ensure clean dishes while carefully handling wash items. Temperatures, time, detergent and rinse aid are adjusted automatically. A full-flow filtration system guides 100% of the water through a fine-meshed, high-efficiency filter. Mediamat, which removes fine particles, and a clouding sensor help the units deliver brilliant wash results.
Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH

Hatco’s Multi Contact Grill offers flexibility, ease of cleaning and precision cooking while providing operators with reliable quality. The grill includes enamel-coated, rust- and scratch-resistant cast-iron plates. Both grooved and smooth plates are available; coupled with a quick-change feature, they provide increased menu flexibility. A patented Heating Element Pack delivers even heat distribution over the entire plate for control and uniform cooking. An Easy Clean System allows for quick, efficient cleaning, dismantles in seconds and is dishwasher safe. A self-adjusting top plate makes the grill ideal for paninis as well as a wide variety of other menu items.
Hatco Corp.


Designed with versatility in mind, SoHo dinnerware offers stunning shapes that easily transition from shared service to individualized dining. The bright-white, complete dinnerware line is at home in boutique restaurants and sidewalk cafes, but also can set tables at catered events and on cruises. The dinnerware collection offers a mix of sleek serving dishes, cushion-cut bowls and slender trays, resulting in a bold statement for the modern palate. Plus, SoHo was designed to coordinate with Homer Laughlin China’s new Arctic White collection, allowing for an expanded selection to suit a diverse range of tabletop needs.
Homer Laughlin China Co.


The Flame Free Thermo-Urn is now available with a brushed or polished finish in 3 capacities: 1½, 3 and 5 gal. No fuel is needed to keep beverages hot, so there is no flame to accidentally tip over, blow in the wind or add fumes to the environment. The urns experience only a 3-degree temperature loss per hour and can retain heat easily for more than 6 hr. The units feature vacuum-insulation technology, rather than the typical foam. Gold accents are available upon request.
Service Ideas


Ice-O-Matic’s new compact, undercounter HIS ice machines are ideal for small spaces. With a compact design and easy-to-access cabinet, the machines are available in 60-, 80- and 100-lb. models. With a storage capacity of up to 51 lb., each unit is produced in 50Hz and 60Hz voltages, meeting global requirements. Featuring a low profile of 37-in. high and 15-20-in. wide, each unit has a large bin opening for easy access to ice. Horizontal evaporator plates are constructed from durable, electroless nickel, ensuring reliability; the front air intake and discharge assist undercounter installation.


From risers, platters, miniware and bowls to a variety of salt-and-pepper shakers and buffetware, American Metalcraft has everything you need to update tables with fashionable foodservice suppliers. A Bamboo Frame Riser Set, which can be used vertically or horizontally, lends an airy feel to buffets. The company’s Hammered Trays look beautiful on them. Mini stainless Balti Dishes are the perfect vessels for grab-n-go appetizers and salads. Double-Sided Flexible Sign Clips and Alligator Card Holders also set the stage with Mini Chalk Cards for easy food identification.
American Metalcraft


EarthTronics’ Energy Star rated 23W LED Recessed Fixture Retrofit Kit, 13W BR30 LED Floodlight and 13W A19 Omni-Directional LED meet or exceed all California Energy Commission specifications. The retrofit kit fits 5- and 6-in. recessed ceiling fixtures, provides 1,200 lumens of white 3,000K light, replaces a 120W incandescent floodlight with a 90-degree beam angle and is capable of dimming to less than 5%. The floodlight provides 700 lumens of soft white 2,700K light, replaces a 65W incandescent floodlight and is capable of dimming to less than 5% with a true beam that provides full radial illumination. The LED provides 800 lumens of white 3,000K light, replaces a standard 60W incandescent light bulb and is capable of dimming to less than 5% with a 300-degree beam angle.


A dependable juicer for intensive use, the 1.3HP Robot Coupe J100 Ultra Juicer is fast, quiet, efficient, easy to use and, at 10 in., tall enough for a blender bowl to be positioned under its juice spout. The juicer processes all types of fruits and vegetables; it is equipped with a 3-in.-dia. auto-feed system that allows the operator to feed fruits and vegetables continuously into the feed lead without using a pusher. The unit’s large collector can hold up to 7.2 qt. of pulp and fits perfectly under the discharge chute to avoid splashing on a countertop.
Robot Coupe U.S.A. Inc.


Glastender’s new Seamless Top Stations combine a drainboard, glassrack, soda-gun holder, bottle well, ice bin and blender station in one seamless top and backsplash. With no seams, the station is easier to keep clean and maintain than traditional underbar setups.


The Sleek Shield is an elegant, easy-to-position solution to food-shielding needs. There’s no need to loosen and tighten bolts on each end of the glass; the shield’s hardware allows the glass to be rotated from only one side, with one hand, making positioning and cleaning easy. The glass rotates 360 degrees and locks in position every 15 degrees. Thinner posts and lots of glass give these shields a sleek, modern look and optimize food displays. Choose a glass or stainless top. It comes in cafeteria, carving or self-serve installation styles.
Advance Tabco


Cooper-Atkins’ newest innovation in thermocouple technology is the HACCP Manager System. The handheld thermocouple is a data-collecting instrument designed to simplify both the recording of food-product temperatures and the monitoring of all corrective actions in foodservice environments. The back-office software includes a state-of-the-art database system designed for reporting, analyzing and storing temperatures and allows data to be transferred between the handheld and a PC. Featuring a high level of accuracy (+/-1˚F) and extended temperature range of -99˚F to 999.9˚F, this multipurpose thermocouple accepts all Type K thermocouple probes and stores as many as 3,000 temperature records.
Cooper-Atkins Corp.

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