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New York City Soda Wars Continue

The New York State Supreme Court is hearing arguments Jan. 23 on the legality of the supersized soft-drink ban passed last year by New York City’s board of health

The National Restaurant Association, American Beverage Association and other plaintiffs in the suit have challenged the city's authority to issue the ban. The mandate, as passed last September, would prohibit restaurants, delis, stadiums and arenas, concession stands and food carts from selling sugar-sweetened beverages in cups larger than 16 ounces. Banned beverages include soda, sweetened iced tea, some smoothies and coffee drinks and lemonade.

The board of health already had granted soda sellers a three-month grace period from fines of up to $200. Unless the court rules otherwise, the ban will kick in as scheduled March 12, but businesses that break the rule would get notices until June. We’ll update as the court hearings progress.

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