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Austin Considers Ban On New QSRs

Austin, Texas—home to great music, great food and FER’s own MUFES program—is considering a ban on the building of new quick-service restaurants.

The Austin city council is considering a resolution that, if passed, would “restrict fast-food restaurants from locating near areas that children frequent.” Those areas would include schools, municipal parks, child-care centers and libraries. Convenience stores also are in the crosshairs but would be offered incentives to carry healthy food options.

“We really need to focus on obesity because it is a chronic condition,” said one council member.

If passed, the resolution would prevent quick-service chains from building new stores; existing outlets would be allowed to stay put. Austin is the headquarters to chains such as Chuy’s and, according to company websites, is home to three KFCs, three McDonald’s, three Burger Kings and at least 20 Taco Bell units.