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April 12: The Drop-Dead Deadline For Top Dealer Surveys

Okay, so the original deadline was April Fool’s Day and at least some of you were busy getting ready for FEDA’s Annual Convention. Well, like us, you’re back at work. So if you haven’t already submitted your paperwork and data for Foodservice Equipment Reports’ annual “Top Dealer Report” survey, we’re giving you a few more days. April 12, to be exact. Just before Tax Day!

Those responsible for submitting the data should have received the form several times via e-mail. If your form has gone missing, you can find a fresh one on our website at We do need it ASAP as we publish the listings and article in June’s FER.

It’s easy to get the information to us. You have three options: 1) You can print out the form, fill it out and fax it back to Christine Palmer at the number on the form, with the appropriate verification signature from your CPA or independent accountant.  2) You can fill it out electronically, provide an electronically verified signature from your CPA or accountant, save it and e-mail it to Chris at 3) New this year, we have the form up on Survey Monkey, where you can type in the info and submit it. We will need a separate e-mailed verification from your CPA or accountant.

Remember, this is a unique survey, unlike any other in the E&S industry. We ask for independent verification of your sales volume so our more than 20,000 big multiunit operators and consultants can rely on the data. If you verify, you get ranked and also get all of your company’s scope and services detailed. Those who don’t verify but do report are noted in a separate alphabetical listing. If you say nothing, but we know you have $20 million or more in volume, we estimate you.

If you verify, you can enjoy free publicity in front of the largest potential customers in the world—our readers—plus you are invited to special events, such as our Multiunit Foodservice Equipment Symposium in June, which will gather emerging chain and noncommercial buyers for a two-day seminar.

So gather up the numbers, get the form filled out and get it back to us.

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