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New Manitowoc Ice NEO Is The Everywhere-You-Need-Ice Machine

Manitowoc Ice introduces its newest ice machine—NEO—an all-in-one, undercounter ice making and storage solution that provides a new level of performance, intelligence and convenience as it meets your demand for ice. NEO offers up to 33 lbs. more ice production within the same footprint of our existing models over a 24-hour period. All NEO air-cooled models meet or exceed Energy Star V2.0 qualifications. Manitowoc’s NEO is the first undercounter ice machine to offer operators feedback and vital performance and operational information at a glance. Exterior indicator lights located on the front of the machine include: Power, Delay, Cleaning, Bin Full and Service.
Manitowoc Ice/Manitowoc Foodservice Group
NRA Booth #3401

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