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PRODUCTS: April 2014


Tom Hanson, owner of three Jimmy’s Pizza units in central Minnesota and area developer for the 40-unit chain, was searching the Internet looking for pizza-box suppliers. “I wanted to find a box that no one else had, something a little different,” he says. He came across the GreenBox by Ecovention LLC, New York. The GreenBox is made of 100% recycled cardboard that’s, of course, U.S. Federal Drug Administration approved for food contact. But what really sets it apart is a series of perforations that extend the box’s use beyond its initial purpose of whole, hot pizza delivery.

First, the lid tears off and splits into four “plates,” large enough for a slice each, saving on paper plates or permanent dishes (and the water to wash them). Then, by tearing out triangular pieces from two sides of the box base, the base folds over into a handy leftovers container that fits in the refrigerator and ultimately the recycle bin. GreenBox comes in sizes in 2-in. increments from 10-18 in. and a to-go single-slice box.

Hanson brought the GreenBox to the attention of Jimmy’s Pizza Inc., and the corporate team agreed to specify it for the chain. “I don’t believe for us the cost was any higher with this box than with our prior boxes,” he says. Hanson has promoted the box on Facebook and talks about it with his customers, who really seem to like its environmental message, he adds. “The boxes perform very well,” Hanson says.



The Silent Alert System from Power Soak illuminates kitchen surfaces with highly visible but unobtrusive color-coded light patterns. The system is language neutral and completely silent, yet garners the staff’s attention to deliver a variety of important messages. By using a non-line-of-sight visual alert, it can illuminate the floor under a Power Soak warewashing system or—with the addition of an optional wireless repeater unit—any kitchen surface, notifying staff that action is needed at the unit without alerting customers.
Power Soak Systems Inc./Unified Brands



ACP’s Amana RCS10DSE microwave features 1,000W of microwave power, a 10-min. electronic dial timer and 4 touchpad power levels: 20%, 50%, 70% and 100%. Illuminated graphics allow you to easily view the power level and cooking time from a distance. The dial automatically resets after each cook cycle, making the model ideal for public applications, such as convenience stores. The dial control can be changed to a pause-and-hold timer for commercial-kitchen applications. Stainless construction throughout provides durability and a professional finish.
ACP Inc./Ali Group



Hollymatic’s tabletop and floor-model grinders have cutting capacities from 375-1,984 lb./hr. Made of 304 stainless for easy cleaning and maintenance, the 5 styles feature quick disassembly as well as heavy-duty gear-drive grinding systems. The smallest tabletop version measures 17½-in.D x 12½-in.W x 16¼-in.H and weighs 62 lb.; the largest floor grinder measures 39½-in.D x 30-in.W x 45¼-in.H and weighs 263 lb. A refrigerated tabletop grinder contains a high-power, self-contained cooling system; it offers a 37.5°F constant auto-regulated temperature for fresh ground meat.
Hollymatic Corp.



Create a custom hot buffet layout with Bon Chef’s new Model 12100 Oval Alternate Linking Heat Source. Large enough to hold two of Bon Chef’s Country French Collection or Cucina style pans, the stainless heat source measures 29-in.L x 22-in.W x 4¼-in.H. Able to hold two solid fuels protected by a directional moving windguard, the unit works indoors or outdoors.
Bon Chef



Fisher’s new Ultra-Spray PLUS spray valve exceeds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense standards, delivering full cleaning performance using only 1.15 gpm. Built to last, the valve is designed to deliver 1 million cycles. For operators seeking to save more, the Ultra-Spray 7 PLUS features the same 1-million-cycle design while using only 0.7 gpm. Available in stainless and brass, installing the Ultra-Spray PLUS is an easy retrofit to any brand’s existing pre-rinse assembly and can help capture hundreds of dollars in water and energy savings. All of the fittings and gaskets are standard. Both models feature a 100% durability replacement guarantee.
Fisher Manufacturing



Bake cookies, sandwiches, snack foods, appetizers, mini pizzas and more with Tomlinson’s new non-stick baking sheets. The aluminized steel baking sheets transform Tomlinson’s Fusion Pizza Ovens into multi-purpose ovens where you can bake almost anything. The baking sheets are coated with Whitford Quantum high-performance nonstick coating for quick release of baked food. The baking sheets are dishwasher safe or can be washed with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Available in 16 in. for 515 FC and 515 FCG Fusion Pizza Ovens or 12 in. for 507 FC, 508 FC and 508 FCG models, the baking sheets fit easily and connect securely with a handle nut.
Tomlinson Industries



Cambro’s Elements Series shelving is made of a composite material that is as strong as steel; units can deliver up to a 78-in.-wide, 600-lb. capacity shelf with no intermediary support. Non-porous solid and slotted shelving surfaces wipe clean; composite never rusts or corrodes. Shelf plates are embedded with Camguard antimicrobial agent and easily remove for dishmachine cleaning, as well. The shelving withstands temps from 190°F to -36°F and won’t peel, dent or warp. Cambro offers shelving configuration-design services to maximize storage capacity and access.
Cambro Mfg.



Middleby Marshall’s PS360G conveyor oven with WOW! 2 technology is designed for operators who want to replace existing PS360/350 ovens with the same-size bake chamber and updated cooking technologies. Upgrading to the PS360G allows you to cook 30% faster than standard conveyor ovens while saving 30% on energy costs. The oven features an energy-management system that automatically reduces gas consumption. An automatic “energy eye” lowers the power on the oven when product is not consistently on the conveyor. The new oven uses advanced variable-airflow impingement technology, allowing you full control of the airflow on the top and bottom of the baking chamber. Also, the new oven fits in the same front/back footprint as the PS360/350 and is stackable up to 3 ovens for maximum throughput.
Middleby Marshall



LidSaver Dispensers from Vollrath save you money by eliminating lid waste (when customers grab too many lids at a time). Neat black dispensers come in multiple cup size/lid capacities and accommodate lids for drinks, soups and dome-lid beverages. Customers just pull the handle and one lid dispenses at a time. LidSaver keeps counters tidy and makes dispensing more sanitary.

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