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BUNN’s Ultra-2 frozen beverage system features 2 3-gal. hoppers for optimum cooling and serving capacity. Through updated LED lighting in the hopper covers, an improved side-panel louver pattern and software enhancements for more efficient control of compressor operation, the system uses 15% less energy than previous models. The unit uses a reversing auger design that cuts freeze time, reduces air mixing and creates constant product flow and accurate brixing. To create a different product consistency, a simple brix adjustment sequence is available for both powder and liquid auto-fill. The easy-to-use touchpad display also guides cleaning efforts and provides preventive maintenance updates. White/stainless, black/stainless and all-black finishes are available.


GMCW’s NHT Granita Dispensers come in 2 sizes: a 2-bowl, 2 1/2-gal. model with a 14 1/4-in.W x 8 1/4-in.D x 27 3/4-in.H footprint and a 3-bowl, 5-gal. unit with a 21-in.W x 8 1/4-in.D x 27 3/4-in.H footprint. The high-impact clear bowls effectively merchandise beverages. The machines’ non-magnetic suction-cup compression seal system uses a suction-cup-style diaphragm that acts as a barrier between the beverage and the gear motors, preventing product from leaking into the inner components of the dispenser. Additional features include a stainless auger shaft, 24-hr. programmable defrost timer and freeze-up monitoring system that prevents products with low brix or sugar content from turning into a brick of ice and burning out the auger motor.


Electro Freeze’s CS705 Gravity Shake Freezer features 5-flavor injection in a single head that does not require CO2 for operation. With the freezer’s versatility, coffee drinks, shakes and smoothies are simple to customize for your menu. With a neutral base mix in the hopper, just press one of the 4 flavor buttons to dispense and blend product combinations; a rinse button eliminates flavor carryover. Features include quick connections for syrup bottles, simple syrup adjustments and fewer parts to disassemble and clean. The freezer can dispense up to 18 gal. of product per hour in a small 18 2/5-in.W x 28 1/10-in.D x 58 7/10-in.H footprint.


Elmeco’s BigBiz Multipurpose Cold and Frozen Beverage Dispenser prepares granitas, slushies, frozen or iced coffee/tea, frozen margaritas, daiquiris, sorbet, etc. The single-hopper version has a 1.58-gal. capacity in a small 9.85-in.W x 18.74-in.D x 21.85-in.H footprint; the double-hopper machine can hold 3.16-gal. of product in a larger 17.32-in.W x 18.74-in.D x 21.85-in.H size. The dispenser’s Total Cold refrigeration system chills product from the bottom up and ensures the beverage is frozen. The unit’s drive shaft is manufactured with a seal-less patent; no seal replacements or periodic lubrication are required. A plug-and-play setup and user-friendly programmable electronic controls make operation easy, while on-board AutoDiagnostic functions ensure longer product life by eliminating equipment misuse.


FBD’s 77x Series of Frozen Beverage Dispensers consists of 3 units: The 4-barrel 774 Model has a 26-in.W x 32.-in.D x 412/5-in.H footprint; the 2-barrel 772 Model and 3-barrel 773 Model also are available. Each version has an LED panel for bright merchandising and an intuitive menu interface; each also uses QR codes for instant access to service information and procedures. Inline Carbonation creates a consistent product overrun, quality and yield, while the AccuFreeze feature maintains frozen-beverage consistency and the RapidFreeze cold-chamber system reduces compressor workload and increases dispenser durability. BevTrak remote monitoring with built-in diagnostics helps troubleshoot, minimizing downtime.


Manitowoc’s Multiplex Blend In Cup/Manual Fill Blended Ice Machine dispenses and blends up to 3 different drinks at once, enhancing service speed. Product and ice is dispensed and blended directly in a cup, reducing labor and product waste. Able to create ice-, syrup- and dairy-based drinks, the machine lets you add mix-ins during the product creation cycle. Intuitive controls and prompts also can provide inventory and service feedback and data collection as well as step-by-step clean-in-place instructions. The unit can store 23 lb. of ice and accommodate 8 2-gal. product packages in a 26-in.W x 32.82-in.D x 63.48-in.H footprint.


Omega’s Slushy/Granita Frozen Drink Machines, models OFS20 and OFS30, serve slushies, smoothies, frozen cocktails and more. At 15-in.W x 18.-in.D x 33.-in.H, the OFS20 features 2 3-gal. clear polycarbonate containers, while the slightly larger 24-in.W x 18.-in.D x 33.-in.H OFS30 offers 3 3-gal. containers. A lighted top panel illuminates the product inside the machines, adding to merchandising effects. A continuous agitator, 1/3-hp motor, removable drip tray, non-dripping mechanism and stainless cylinders make the machines easy to operate, maintain and clean.


SaniServ’s Model 704 Frozen Beverage Machine provides large volumes of frozen drinks, quick product freezing and rapid recovery with a high-output 2-hp condenser system, 15-qt. barrel and 20-qt. mix reservoir. The solid-state AccuFreeze control ensures consistent product serving after serving. The durable machine features a stainless exterior, steel interior frame construction and heavy-duty components. The unit saves floor space with a 20 1/2-in.W x 31 1/10-in.D x 32 4/5-in.H footprint.


Stoelting’s E122 Countertop Shake or Frozen Beverage Freezer maximizes your performance and efficiency with IntelliTec2 control and built in Wi-Fi capability; the control communicates with you through a multiline graphics LCD using full-text instructions. The compact 19 5/8-in.W x 30.-in.D x 35 1/2-in.H space saver serves frozen beverages, shakes, smoothies or frozen cocktails via 2 3-gal. hoppers. A programmable standby mode saves energy during inactive periods while maintaining product temperatures in the hoppers and freezer cylinder.


Taylor Crown Series Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezers feature 7-qt. freezing cylinders that dispense a light, fluffy, high-overrun slush product in a pressurized system. The 3-barrel C303 Model has a 24 3/8-in.W x 35 7/8-in.D x 41 5/8-in.H footprint; 2- and 4-barrel capacities also are available. The units have a Power Saver feature for extended no-use periods as well as programmable defrost cycles for defrosting each freezing cylinder independently. A Slushtech microprocessor-based control regulates refrigeration by measuring product viscosity.

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