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PRODUCTS: June 2014

Chef Douglas Katz owns and operates Fire Food & Drink in Cleveland. The restaurant is located in a 90-year-old building with original wood floors that, although charming, are uneven. As a result, his tables wobble. Katz recently learned about FLAT Technology Inc.’s table bases, which feature a patented system of hydraulic tubing attached to table feet. The bases—available in a round, square or x shape in cast-iron, polished aluminum or stainless finishes—come in standard or bar heights. When they’re set on any floor, the hydraulics instantly compress or expand table feet to level tabletops, then lock them level to ensure stability. The system also matches tabletop to tabletop to eliminate ridges and seams when you push tables together. “The bases work especially well when we’re connecting tables,” Katz says. “Different products will align two tables, but sometimes one of the tables will slant. With this system, the table sits level when it abuts another table.” Katz previously relied on manual table glides, screw-in feet that you’d have to individually adjust. The screws often were not long enough to accommodate the fluctuating floor levels, he says, and over time, the screw threads became caked with grime and no longer worked well. After testing the FLAT Tech bases, he plans to gradually outfit his entire table inventory.

Accurex Utility Distribution Systems (UDS) act as a single point of connection for gas, electricity, water and optional utilities and offer a safe, efficient way to connect the utilities to commercial-kitchen cooking equipment. Featuring flexible assemblies for water and gas connections at predetermined intervals, Accurex UDS allow for convenient appliance relocation and service. The stainless exterior safely contains and conceals all wiring and is easy to clean. Available in wall- or island-style units, the UDS can be manufactured in incremental lengths, expanding to accommodate virtually any cooking lineup.

The WP line of flip-top carafes comes in several sizes, from a 1-ltr. unit for single-serve creamers or toppings to a 2-ltr. size for dressings or pancake batter. WP carafes are constructed from 18/8 stainless with foam insulation for a holding time of 2-3 hr. They are available in polished and brushed finishes, both of which can be pad printed or laser etched for customization and branding. The line is hand-wash only and features a flip-top lid and a clear pour spout that minimizes drips.
Service Ideas

UH130B and UH230B quiet, doublewall, undercounter dishmachines keep energy and water consumption at low levels and feature Stemsure, a soft-start option that protects glasses and dishes from chipping and breaking. The Energy Star-rated UH230B washes 40 racks per hr. using only 0.78 gal. per rack. It delivers a fresh water rinse via a dedicated rinse arm that routes rinse water separately from wash water. The unit is great for operations that require one machine to clean a variety of serving ware and pans. The UH130B washes 25 racks/hr. using 1.8 gal./rack and is ideal for smaller foodservice operations. Both units are easy to clean and service and ensure a 180°F final rinse with an electric 6kW tank and a 9kW booster.
Champion Industries/Ali Group

Blendtec’s new WildSide+ can produce a fully blended smoothie from frozen fruit and ice in as little as 14 sec. Two debossed ridges force ingredients to impact additional surfaces, accelerating the blending process and improving efficiency with frozen items by up to 25%. The blender features a 5-sided design that alters the direction of the blending vortex, allowing you to blend twice as much in half the time. Its cold-forged stainless blending blades are blunted for improved safety and easier cleanup.

The T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Swivel fits between the spray handle and hose of a pre-rinse spray unit and is available as a separate component for retrofit installations or factory-installed on select T&S Brass pre-rinse units and spray assemblies. The heavy-duty swivel allows full 360° rotation of a pre-rinse spray valve independent of its hose, causing less torsion on the hose and spray handle and less fatigue on your wrist and arm. The unimpeded, easy rotation eliminates stress and strain on the hose, extending its life as well as saving time, water and money. The swivel features a durable, rustproof, chrome-plated brass finish that is easy to clean and maintain.
T&S Brass

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