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GALLERY: Door-Type Dishmachines

Blakeslee’s D-8 and Double D-8 door-type dishmachines are designed to streamline operations and complete the wash and rinse cycle in 60 sec.; units can process 55 racks per hour. Made in the U.S., these machines come with all brass piping, a welded stainless frame and a 16-ga. stainless tank for added durability; choose from straight or corner units. The units come standard with a 12kW booster; 15kW optional for 70°F rise. The easily accessible front-mounted control panel is flush to maintain the unit’s compact footprint (263/16 sq. in.).

The Champion DH5000 series of door-style warewashers is Energy Star rated. The machines can wash 37-53 racks per hour using 0.83 gal. of water per rack. Features offered in both the standard- and extended-height formats include a unique hood-lift design, sloped top panel, dual-cycle wash option, digital controls, mounted proximity booster heater and Tri-Rinse final-rinse system. Additionally, the units can be ordered with a standard Ventless Heat-Recovery System or an exclusive Direct-Vent System meeting Type II hood requirements.

CMA’s Model EST 3-door ventless door-type dishmachine washes 30 racks per hour with 1.09 gal. of water per rack. Energy Star qualified, the machine’s Waste Air Heat Recovery System removes heat and water vapor that normally would be released when you open the doors and uses the energy to preheat incoming water. A high-tech condensation method converts the vapor to water, which evacuates from the wash chamber at the end of the cycle. A Door Safety Interlock System ensures that the doors remain locked throughout the entire cycle, allowing the heat-recovery system to vent the vapor from the machine. No vent hood is required.

Ecolab’s Apex HT is a high-temperature dishmachine with an onboard booster heater that washes 57 racks per hour using 0.83 gal. of water per rack. Energy Star rated, the machine features an onboard Apex2 controller that automatically tracks key metrics and generates actionable data reports about wash and rinse temperatures, detergent and rinse additive, wash-tank changes and racks washed. The system provides language-free training videos and lets you know via audible and visual alerts when procedures aren’t followed. The dishmachine’s auto-fill feature helps reduce water waste while integrated chemical dispensing requires no additional water or electrical connections.

Electrolux’s Model 504280 Green & Clean Hood-Type Dishmachine washes 63 racks per hour or 80 racks per hour in high-productivity mode using 0.5 gal. of water per rack. The Energy Star-certified machine features a built-in high-efficiency Energy Saving Device that transfers the heat captured inside the machine to the incoming cold water before entering the built-in atmospheric booster, thus saving energy. No ventilation hood is required. A Zero Lime Device ensures total scale removal while a Clear Blue advanced filtering system provides cleaner wash water and high active detergent.

Hobart’s Advansys ventless high-temperature, door-type dishmachine washes 40 racks per hour with 0.74 gal. per rack. The Energy Star-qualified machine features a Sense-A-Temp 70˚F-rise electric booster heater and an internal condensing system that minimizes water vapor. Standard are solid-state integrated controls with digital status indicators as well as a self-draining, high-efficiency stainless pump and impeller. The machine includes automatic fill and drain closure and a delime cycle with notification. The unit is NSF certified for cleaning pots and pans, dishes and glasses.

Insinger’s Commander 18-6 is an automatic single-tank door-type dishmachine that features timed wash and rinse cycles. It washes 65 racks per hour using 0.72 gal. of water per rack for the final rinse. A RackAware Automatic Rack Sensing System only lets the dishmachine run a cycle when a rack is in the machine, saving energy, water and chemicals. The machine has a selectable 2-min. extended wash cycle as well as digital indicators for wash and rinse temperatures. The unit also is available with a VaporGuard Condensation Removal System that eliminates the need for an externally vented hood.

Jackson’s low-temp door-type dishmachine is now Energy Star-rated, washing 39 racks per hour with 1.02 gal. of water per rack. The Conserver XL-E highlights include a trouble-free cam timer (an electromechanical system for controlling a sequence of events automatically), electromechanical controls, an internal sump design and a removable scrap screen. A self-draining stainless pump eliminates soil/detergent carryover between wash and rinse cycles while a dump-and-fill feature disposes of dirty water, replacing it with a fresh-water rinse every cycle.

MEIKO’s door-type DV 80.2 dishmachine now offers an optional Waste Air Heat Recovery System. The WAHRS reclaims heat generated by the machine and uses it to preheat the incoming final-rinse water. This not only conserves heating energy, but also lets the machine provide a hot-water sanitizing rinse while operating from a cold water supply. The unit does not require a ventilation hood. The machine washes 61 racks per hour and consumes 0.74 gal. of water per rack. Other features include an Auto-Safe final-rinse temperature-regulation system for guaranteed sanitization; Active Plus soil filtration for reduced detergent consumption and easier cleaning; a Soft Start wash pump to protect fragile ware; a MIKE 2 control system with real-time digital temperature displays, one-touch operation and 3 individual cycles; and dual-wall, flush-paneled construction for a cool-to-the-touch exterior. The unit is Energy Star qualified.

MVP Group’s Jet-Tech Model 757-E door-type dishmachine washes 15, 20, 30 or 60 racks per hour depending on the cycle length you choose; Energy Star rated, it uses 0.85 gal. of water per cycle. The machine highlights dual-wash motor pumps; two sets of stainless wash arms operated independently by their own wash pump maximize flow pressure to the wares. The machine has a built-in booster heater with a ThermoStop System that guarantees 185°F final-rinse water regardless of the incoming water temperature. A OneGO electronic control system offers 4 timed wash cycles while SmartSelf diagnostics provide service information in seconds. An EasyGO soft-start washing system protects your dishes and glassware from chipping or breaking.

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