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PRODUCTS: July 2014

Before Metro engineers sat down to refresh their classic cart design, they had some serious conversations with users—not the folks who specify carts, but the people who actually use the carts. What users had to say had a huge effect on Metro’s design, resulting in the new MyCart. Users said that when they push traditional carts, they end up kicking the bottom shelf with every step. Metro indented the cart shelves and extended the push handle each by a couple of inches. The result is a cart that has built-in clearance for the person pushing it. Metro observed that users also lay their phones and keys on top of the items they’re transporting. The company used the extra space created by the push-handle extension to insert a storage compartment. The cart’s polypropylene shelves feature coved corners, so they’re easy to keep clean and sanitized; the middle shelf adjusts up or down to accommodate the height of the items being transported. Users also said that other departments often commandeer carts without returning them, so employees tag the carts with the appropriate department name using a permanent marker. Metro added a peel-off labeling area that lets users mark the cart so it is returned… eventually.

Hatco’s portable, modular, black glass shelf offers buffet-line flexibility. Featuring a food-safe black tempered-glass surface, the heated shelf keeps food hot using a thermostatically controlled heated base with electronic temperature-control settings. Made with durable stainless, it is easy to clean because of its simple design. Although you can place food directly on the heated black glass surface, the HGSM-4060 model also accommodates 1/1 Gastronorm food pans.
Hatco Corp.

The Genius combi line from Eloma lets you use its MT Technology to slide, swipe or scroll across a high-resolution display to access controls. The ovens list the last 20 cooking processes used for an instant start to your favorite programs. The Multi Cooking feature allows you to simply select a program or cooking method, while the unit automatically determines and displays all of the other available menu items possible for simultaneous cooking. With the Multi Cooking feature, each shelf is individually timed and managed, allowing you to cook a variety of food items at once. Four models are available with electric or gas connections.

Perlick’s 630SS Forward Sealing Beer and Wine Faucet features a ball and floating front seal design that prevents beverages from being exposed to air and curbs the growth of mold and bacteria in the faucet body. The design eliminates the need for a valve shaft, ensuring beverages are never exposed to air, the handle lever does not stick and the buildup of mold and bacteria in the faucet body is eliminated. Every part that comes in contact with beverages is made from 304 sanitary stainless, protecting the flavors of wine and craft beer.

Master-Bilt has a new, 16-model line of open-air merchandisers: a vertical VOAM series and horizontal HOAM series. The easy-access merchandisers offer contemporary styling and increased capacity and are extremely quiet. All of the models offer greater energy savings than legacy models and already meet 2017 U.S. Department of Energy standards. The VOAM models offer greater pack-out thanks to multiple tiers of 18-in.-deep, two-position cantilever shelving. The HOAM series features an adjustable shelf and has a full-length, 10-in.-wide metal top.

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