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GALLERY: Nugget Ice Machines

The Horizon 700 series makes up to 675 lb. of ice in a 24-hr. period and is available in self-contained models with air- or water-cooled condensing options. Customers have their choice of Chewblet (1-in.L) or Micro Chewblet (3/8-in.L) ice chunks. Top-mounted or undercounter models can be paired with fountain dispensers or ice bins. Or, choose a unit equipped with Follett’s Remote Ice Delivery Equipment (RIDE), which delivers ice through a tube to dispensing points located up to 75 ft. away from the ice machine. RIDE takes heat, noise and the bulk of the ice machine out of the customer-service area. Air-cooled units require 5.2 kWh and 12 gal. of water per 100 lb. of ice produced.

The FD-1001M_J-C modular slim-line series is ideal for pairing with beverage dispensers. The unit is constructed of stainless and incorporates H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial agent. The “J” model series runs on single-phase 115V and is Energy Star qualified. The 22-in.W icemaker is available in air-cooled and remote air-cooled versions and produces up to 940 lb. of Cubelet ice every 24 hr. The CleanCycle 12 feature flushes the reservoir and evaporator every 12 hr., washing away impurities and minerals, producing cleaner ice and leading to less down time for cleaning and maintenance. Stainless auger and evaporator barrel are antimagnetic and help reduce mineral build up, as well.

GEM Series ice machines produce the company’s popular Pearl ice in capacities ranging from 450-1,040 lb. per day. Parts include a rugged stainless evaporator and auger assembly and industrial-grade, dual-row roller bearings located outside of the ice-making zone for corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance. A robust, in-line direct-drive train operates efficiently and coolly. The units, which measure 21-in.W x 24-in.D x 27-in.H, require no side clearance; front and rear air exchanges enable side-by-side machine operation. The SystemSafe monitoring technology continuously checks workload on the gearbox, shutting down the system before a problem can develop and preventing costly repairs. A water sensor eliminates low- or no-water failures.

Model RNS-1000, introduced in September, produces up to 1,158 lb. of chewable, blendable ice in 24 hr. with 12 gal. of water per 100 lb. of ice. Ice nuggets are 90% ice content and 10% water content, making them easy to chew while minimizing drink dilution. The unit is available in air- and water-cooled versions with remote condensing options; it pairs with any 30-in. Servend beverage dispenser. The unit measures 30-in.W x 27.4-in.H x 23.6-in.D.

Featuring The Original Chewable Ice, Scotsman Prodigy Nugget Ice Machines are more efficient and reliable than ever, with 5 base models in capacities from 420-2,185 lb. Available in air- and water-cooled versions, remote condenser or a remote condenser and compressor. AutoAlert indicator lights keep operators informed about maintenance needs. The unit is designed for easy access to serviceable parts and features QR-code technology as well as AquaArmor antimicrobial protection. The machine produces chewable nugget ice while using 50% less water and 15% less energy than cube ice machines producing the same volumes.

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