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PRODUCTS: January 2015


Mars Drinks recently introduced its Flavia Barista single-serve brewer, which crafts coffees, teas and hot chocolates on one side and authentic lattes, cappuccinos and espressos on the other; the drinks are brewed from neat little packs that customers toss after using. Karen Noonan, global corporate affairs manager at Mars Drinks, says all of the brews are coffee-house quality. “The specialty coffees even have the crema on top.” Although Mars Drinks developed the brewer for the workplace, the streamlined machine, available in black, brushed metal and stainless finishes, also would look at home on a hotel’s buffet or at a university dining hall. The company used Frog, a global design firm with design-driven clients such as Apple, to help fashion the unit. It’s also easy to use. At 17-in.H x 21.8-in.W x 20.6-in.D and with plumbed or pour-over water-supply options, you can place the brewer anywhere. It uses Mars Drinks’ single-serve Freshpacks, which are filled with fresh-ground coffees, teas and chocolates at the factory and sealed immediately to keep oxygen and light from ruining the grind; the Freshpacks include their own filters, so each one is a brewing chamber. Just select a Freshpack, insert it into the correct side of the brewer and choose the corresponding beverage on the machine. Sensors detect the cup before brewing, preventing accidents. The brewer provides up to 15 BARs of pressure to offer Italian coffees from 1.35-9 oz. in 30-40 seconds. Because the Freshpacks are self-contained, the coffee, tea or chocolate never touches the unit, so cross-contamination is not an issue and the unit stays clean. “You’re never going to taste someone else’s drink, whether you serve five people or 500,” Noonan says.

Hatco’s Intelligent Toast-Qwik with Spot-On Technology holds up to 18 product settings and can toast multiple products from bagels to Texas toast to hash browns. The Spot-On Technology senses when a product is placed on the conveyor, only activating when in use; it features a power-save mode that switches on automatically after a certain period of time. The toaster features individually controlled top and bottom heating elements, a multi-speed 2-directional conveyor belt and a programmable touchpad. The conveyor features Hatco’s patented ColorGuard Sensing System that monitors and adjusts speed and temperature during high-usage periods to ensure toast-color uniformity on a consistent basis.
Hatco Corp.

Feel the love this Valentine’s Day with American Metalcraft’s Heart-Shaped Pizza Pans, manufactured in 14-ga. aluminum. Two sizes are available: One meant for sharing measures approximately 16-in.W x 1½-in.D, while the other has a more personal appeal at 7-in.W x 1½-in.D. The company also offers a variety of U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved pizza papers in 10-, 12- and 16-in. square sizes; choose from natural, newspaper print, white, black checkerboard or red checkerboard.
American Metalcraft

Champion’s new Phoenix Dehydrator can process all organics, including produce, cut flowers, meat, fat trimmings, fish, paper napkins, coffee grounds, spoiled milk and deli products, as well as some soft plastics, reducing organic waste by as much as 95%. The dried remnants are produced as a sterile biomass soil amendment that can be collected and diverted easily. The company’s proprietary technology features accelerated dehydration for a shorter processing time; the dehydrator can process up to 2 batches of food waste a day. Available in a range of sizes from 121-1,672 lb., the dehydrator can serve as a stand-alone system or as part of Champion’s larger waste-management system.
Champion Industries

Designed with smooth, Euro-styled lines and an oversized backlit display to inspire impulse sales, the Wilbur Curtis G3 Primo Cappuccino Machine is available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-head models. With Generation 3 Technology, the machine lets you digitally control blending and dispensing functions for consistent beverages. A new front-lift door eliminates the need to leave space between units, maximizing counter space. The machine rinses its whipping chamber with the touch of 1 button for easy cleanup and reduced powder buildup, and a large-capacity drip-tray/cup guide and yellow dispensing tubes help direct customers to proper cup placement.
Wilbur Curtis Co.

Winterhalter is offering PT Series rack pass-through warewashers with its highly efficient ClimatePlus heat pump, which takes the thermal energy from the machine as well as the air in the kitchen and uses it to warm the tank water and rinse water. The temperature and water content of the warewashers’ exhaust air are reduced considerably, noticeably improving the working environment. The units use 53% less energy than a standard model without a heat-recovery system. Every PT Series warewasher model is equipped with a standard waste-water heat exchanger.

Strahman’s KwikClean3 pre-rinse spray nozzles feature all-stainless operating parts. The ultra-low-flow, high-efficiency nozzles have a high-impact, rotating acetal/resin nose cone that allows quick spray-pattern changes. Three tips are available: a 15˚-fan-spray tip for light-rinse cleaning, a solid-stream tip with an intense jet pattern for tough applications and a 5˚-fan-spray tip for normal rinsing. The rubber-coated handle offers excellent gripping. A 2-year warranty comes with the unit.
Strahman Valves Inc.

Convotherm 4 combi steamers offer great cooking results, low energy consumption and a functional design. You have a choice of controls: easyTouch features a 9-in. touchscreen with a configurable user interface while easyDial has all of the functions available on one level. The new design is consistent across the entire combi-steamer line, which includes 7 sizes, each available in 8 basic versions for a total of 56 models. The cornerstone of the Convotherm 4 is its Advanced Closed System+, which delivers even cooking results thanks to uniform steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam mode, rapid and uniform heat transfer in convection mode plus active control of air input and output.

Structural Concepts’ new built-in refrigerated service cases are designed to integrate into a counter to offer enticing fresh food that stimulates impulse sales. With these units, you can retain precious counter space while displaying chilled items for increased customer satisfaction. The cases can be used as a freestanding piece of equipment or positioned under the counter to fully integrate the display with the counter. Models are available in nominal lengths of 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft. They include a LED light and slide-out drawer for loading and cleaning from the back. Single-pane front glass ensures maximum visibility and clean sight lines into the display.
Structural Concepts

To respond to increased customer demand for ergonomic, space-saving machines, Robot Coupe presents a new generation of Turbo range mixers for improved ergonomics and optimal sanitation. The mixers are equipped with a comfortable handle and a variable-speed button that are easy to use even with just one hand. A lug on the motor housing can serve as a rest and a pivot on the rim of a pan, making it simple to handle. The mixers feature a new, patented system called “Easy Plug” that expedites power-cord replacement during after-sales servicing. The power-cord detaches for safe storage and keeps it intact longer. Various elements, such as the bell and the stainless blade, can be dismantled for easy cleaning.
Robot Coupe U.S.A. Inc.

Restaurant operations in hotels, casinos, airports, hospitals, educational institutions and malls can take advantage of the new Mini-Portable Oil Solution from Restaurant Technologies Inc. The mobile oil-management system helps commercial kitchens that need to haul fryer oil long distances from one kitchen to the next or from the kitchen to a loading dock to dispose of used cooking oil. The oil-management system holds up to 300 lb. of fresh and 300 lb. of used cooking oil. At 52-in.L, 25-in.W and 53-in.H, the compact container can move easily across kitchen floors and fit comfortably in small spaces. Commanded by the push of a button, the closed-loop system takes care of oil storage, distribution to the fryers, handling and disposal. The complete system comes with all of the hardware, software, installation, training and support services needed to easily automate oil management at no upfront cost.
Restaurant Technologies Inc.

Perlick’s 630SS Forward Sealing Beer and Wine Faucet features a ball and floating front seal design that prevents beverages from being exposed to air and curbs the growth of mold and bacteria in the faucet body. The design eliminates the need for a valve shaft, ensuring beverages are never exposed to air, the handle lever does not stick and the buildup of mold and bacteria in the faucet body is eliminated. Every part that comes in contact with beverages is made from 304 sanitary stainless, protecting the flavors of wine and craft beer.

New from Component Design Northwest, the Economy Timer/Clock (TM27) is the choice for foodservice professionals who want a basic model with high durability, accuracy and ease of use. The dual-function timer counts down or up to 100 min. by seconds, with stop and restart controls and last-count recall. The large digits and long alarm keep you informed, and the magnet-, stand- and hang-mounting options provide versatile placement. Made of ABS plastic with a brushed aluminum face, the timer also functions as a clock.
Component Design Northwest

Geneva’s mobile dessert carts showcase sweets, cakes, cookies, snacks, pies and even cheeses to give patrons a refined, luxurious experience. Taller multi-shelved carts present items in a tiered fashion in full view of a dining area. Other carts have distinct clear domes to present a variety of confections with class while providing easy access for serving. Some models accommodate cooling eutectic systems to keep desserts chilled. Carts are available in several elegant styles and a variety of light- and dark-wood veneers to match any décor.
Geneva Designs LLC

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