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Final Public E&S Company Numbers Show Combined Sales Grew 7.4% First Quarter

With first quarter 2014 results from EveryWare, the public company incorporating Anchor Hocking and Oneida now included, combined sales for the eight publicly reporting companies we track grew a strong 7.4% in the first quarter of 2014. The numbers are compiled and analyzed by John Muldowney, a marketing executive at The Boelter Cos., exclusively for FER Fortnightly.

As we previously reported, the five equipment companies had a strong quarter as a group, with sales up 9.5%, led by the three largest companies: Middleby Foodservice, Manitowoc Foodservice and ITW Food Equipment Group North America.

The results from the public supplies-oriented companies were undercut by reduced operator volume from the severe winter weather. Carlisle Foodservice Products was positive with a 3.3% gain, mostly attributable to gains in its Dinex healthcare division. Libbey Foodservice was off 1%, and EveryWare, which is still managing the merger of the two brands, saw sales fall 17.7% in the quarter. Overall supplies combined sales were down 2.5%. 

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