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Net Restaurant Units Grew 2.7% in 2013, Says CHD Expert

Restaurant openings outpaced closures last year by more than 21,000, pushing up the net restaurant unit count up 2.7% to a total of 665,000, according to data from CHD Expert, a Chicago-based research firm. It was the second consecutive year since the Great Recession that there were more restaurant openings than closings, and the pace of gain is accelerating.

“The restaurant industry is a strong indicator of the financial health of an economy, and it is great to see that more restaurants are opening and sustaining,” said Brad Bloom, director of sales-Americas for CHD.

According to CHD, 50,525 restaurants opened in 2013, while 29,175 closed. While the number of openings was only slightly ahead of the 50,230 that opened in 2012, closures dropped dramatically from 47,600 two years ago. At the depth of the recession in 2009, only 31,458 restaurants opened. Closures peaked in 2010 and 2011 at 68,349 and 70,668 respectively.

State-by-state breakdowns, as well as detail by menu type and chains vs. independents, are available from CHD at

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