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Wage Protests Roll Up To Golden Arches’ HQ

Quick-service workers calling for higher wages were galvanized into action last week. Thirty-two busses filled with an estimated 1,500 protesters rolled up to the corporate headquarters of McDonald’s Corp. in Oak Brook, Ill. The protestors came from across the country; many were members of the newly formed Fast Food Forward, a movement of New York City-based workers seeking to raise wages and gain rights at work.

The protestors seek a living wage and are aiming for $15 an hour; the average worker at a quick-serve chain, such as McDonald’s, earns $8.25 an hour. The workers claim the majority of those jobs are filled by adults, not high-school students looking for part-time work.

McDonald’s released a statement that said the company offers part- and full-time employment, benefits and competitive pay based on the local marketplace and job level.

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