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California Makes It Official: No Gloves Necessary

The year-old law that would have required California's foodservice workers to use gloves when preparing food was abolished last week. Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 2130, repealing the law requiring food and beverage handlers to change gloves every time they switched tasks or even touched other food.

The “glove law” went into effect last January but immediately was put on a soft rollout schedule to allow foodservice operations time to adapt to the requirements. Some workers were concerned that amid a kitchen’s busy atmosphere and common multitasking, food and drink handlers might forget, or be reluctant to take the time, to change gloves.

Some said the law was counterproductive to environmental legislation such as plastic bag bans; some operators estimated that their individual businesses would use tens of thousands of gloves a year.

Under the soft rollout, restaurants had until June to comply with the new rules, but state lawmakers have worked diligently in recent months to do away with the regulation.

Effective immediately, California's food safety laws will revert to earlier rules, which required food employees “to minimize hand contact with ready-to-eat foods.”

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