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Motor Freight Reclassification To Affect Shipping Costs On Coolers, Refrigeration, Freezers

Shipping the equipment that keeps food cold or frozen just got a lot more expensive.

Citing freight liability concerns, the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB), an autonomous board under the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, has made a major change to the National Motor Freight Classifications covering everything from high chairs to commercial refrigeration.

Beginning Nov. 29, “cooling or freezing boxes or refrigerators” will be reassigned to Class 150. The pricing implications are steep, with current freight costs increasing perhaps 30%-50%. The greatest impact will be on commercial refrigeration and freezers, which currently are listed in Class 92.5 but will be reclassified this week to Class150. The changes are detailed here.

The CCSB groups commodities into one of 18 classes—from a low of 50 to a high of 500—based on an evaluation of a product’s density, stowability, handling and liability. Together, these characteristics establish what the board calls a commodity’s “transportability.”

The board, which periodically reviews the descriptions and classes of commodities, reportedly made the change because of freight liability and damage claims.

Information on the CCSB, its procedures for amending the NMFC and its rules governing arbitration—including a list of available neutral arbitratorsmay be obtained at Specific questions can be directed to CCSB Chairman Joel Ringer at 703/838-1826 or The CCSB contact on refrigeration is Nathan Ripke. Contact him at 703/838-1869 or at

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