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Midwest Expo Offers Free On-Site Commercial Training

The Energy Center of Wisconsin once again is teaming up with the expertise of the West Coast-based Food Service Technology Center to offer on-site commercial training and advice during the March 10-12 Midwest Foodservice Expo in Milwaukee.

The program, “Operating an Energy-Efficient Restaurant,” will be led March 12 by Richard Young, the FSTC’s lead engineer and director of education. Young, who has developed a collection of no- and low-cost energy-efficiency best practices that apply to most commercial kitchens, will lead attendees on a virtual walk through an energy-efficient restaurant. He’ll point out common energy and water wasters, discuss costs associated with these inefficiencies and explain corrective measures that could lead to increased efficiency.  RSVP to the Energy Center as soon as possible to receive free access to the entire Expo on March 12.

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