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Homer Laughlin, Hall Under Common Ownership

The names stamped on the plates are still the same, but Homer Laughlin China Co. and Hall China Co. have joined forces and are operating under common ownership.

Since late spring, the two china manufacturers have operated as equal partners under the leadership of Joe Wells III, who previously served as CEO of Homer Laughlin. According to Wells, the agreement strengthens both brands in the marketplace and solidifies the future for employees, distributors and representatives. Both companies are headquartered in Newell, W.Va.

Homer Laughlin is the largest tabletop china manufacturer in the United States. Hall China is recognized as the largest American maker of specialty china. Under common ownership, Wells said, both brands can be offered to customers. “This partnership will add size and strength to America’s place in the international china manufacturing world.”

John Sayle has retired as CEO of Hall China, which was founded in East Liverpool, Ohio, in 1903. Homer Laughlin also traces its beginnings to East Liverpool, all the way back to 1871.
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Coronavirus Updates