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One More Week To Weigh In On Motor Freight Issues Targeting Warewashers, Air Curtains

Two weeks ago in FER Fortnightly, we gave you the full details on proposed rate changes for shipping commercial warewashers and air curtains. Both segments are targeted for shipping classification upgrades by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s Commodity Classification Standards Board. The board meets next Tuesday, Jan. 27, leaving industry members nearly a week to challenge the proposals.

If the proposed changes are approved, the costs of shipping warewashers in particular could soar, while shipping costs could drop for air curtains and doors.

Manufacturers and other shippers can challenge the proposals before or at the Jan. 27 meeting. Here is who to contact: Joe Ringer, chairman of the CCSB, at 703/838-1826 or at ringer(at) The CCSB contact for warewashers is Shannon Allard, 703/838-1809,allard(at); for air curtains the CCSB contact is Daniel Horning, 703/838-1820,horning(at)

Tim Walsh, v.p. at ReTrans Freight Management, a logistics company that serves many E&S manufacturers and dealers (and who alerted FER Fortnightly to the changes), can be reached at twalsh(at)

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