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GALLERY: Fast-Cook Ovens

Three heat sources, 2,000W forced convection, 2,200W, double-side oscillating microwaves and 3,000W infrared radiant from below, combine in an oven that cooks foods 15 times faster than conventional ovens. Convection heat, directed from the top down, has a temp range of 200°F-520°F. The MXP22 stores cooking cycles for up to 360 menu items, has 11 power levels (plus defrost mode) and can use as many as four cooking stages per cycle. The 1.38-cu.-ft. interior accommodates standard 1/4-size metal trays, pans and screens on a single rack in an interior cavity that measures 16-in.W x 15-in.D (height is 10 in.). Exterior dimensions are 25 1/8-in.W x 27½-in.D x 20 3/8-in.H.

The XL-400 is Alto-Shaam’s brand new accelerated oven with an internal catalytic converter, forced-impingement convection and dual-magnetron microwave technology. Unit measures 27 9/16-in.W x 28 3/4-in.D x 20 11/16-in.H on the exterior, 17 3/4-in.W x 13 13/16-in.D x 7 7/8-in.H on the interior. Made of heavy-duty, solid stainless construction with an insulated cooking chamber. Touchscreen control with graphical display operates in English, French and Spanish; stores up to 100 recipes that can be organized in groups or marked as favorites. Baking temperature has a maximum of 536°F. Variable fan speed adjusts from 10%-100% in 10% increments and microwave power adjusts from 0%-100%. Front accessible USB port allows easy control updating and recipe management. Smaller XL-300 unit also available.

Top and bottom air impingement and top and side microwaves (which can be run from 0%-100% in 10% increments) deliver quick heating, baking, browning and toasting on a wide variety of menu items. Temperature range of the XPM is 200°F-525°F. Unit holds up to 16 custom menu groups for access to 384 recipes/cooking cycles from the touch screen controls. Recipes can be built with up to 6 cooking stages each for precision food quality and finishes. Exterior dimensions to consider for ventless, countertop installation are 22 9/16-in.W x 30 3/16-in.D x 19 7/8-in.H. Insulated interior (doors stay cool to the touch) measures 15 5/8-in.W x 17 3/4-in.D x 7 15/16-in.H and delivers 1.27 cu.ft. of space. Unit holds a single rack and comes with 1 basket, 1 tray and 1 peel standard. Easy to maintain; top and bottom impingement plates remove for cleaning. Smaller XPS version available, as well.

The e4s accelerated cooking oven combines 3,200W convection heat directed through top and bottom impingement plates and microwave energy from 2 magnetrons for super-fast food production. The convection fan pulls air in through an air diffuser. This is then heated and returned to the cavity through upper and lower catalytic converters and forced through impingement plates to produce an even, convected-heat pattern and a crisp golden finish on foods. Temperatures adjust from 200°F-525°F. Microwave levels are adjustable from 5%-100% in 1% increments. The easyTOUCH icon screen controls allow easy, multi-stage programming. Each program offers up to 6 cooking-cycle stages with its own cook time, microwave power level, impingement settings and between-stage instructions. Exterior dimensions measure 23-in.W x 29½-in.D x 23 1/4-in.H. The interior chamber is 14 7/10-in.W x 14 3/5-in.D x 8 3/5-in.H.

Super-stylish Sota uses TurboChef’s patented technology to rapidly cook foods but in less space and using less energy than a traditional TurboChef. Standard features include dual, independently controlled motors for vertically directed air impingement from top and bottom. Top launched microwaves, and top-launched impinged air, is stirred to ensure even microwave and air distribution within the fully welded and insulated cook chamber. Sota’s Smart menu system can store up to 256 recipes and all information is updatable via a smart-card reader. Exterior dimensions—16-in.W x 29 4/5-in.D x 25-in.H—allow setup where space is very limited. Interior chamber, 12½-in.W x 10 1/2-in.D x 7 1/5–in.H, accommodates a 1/8-size sheet pan. Self-diagnostics monitor oven components and performance. Ovens are stackable with a stand.

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