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Each winery that’s a certified Barrel Fresh partner fills 9-l. U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved flexcases with an approved TORR filler. The 9-l. bags then are placed into small cardboard boxes and shipped through a regular distributor channel to restaurants. Onsite, a bartender places each bag into a TORR Keg and twists the lid into place. The TORR Keg slides into the Barrel Fresh Slim-Tap tray system, where it automatically connects to allow bartenders to dispense wine from the tap. Choose from 12-, 4- and 2-keg temperature-controlled cabinets. Barrel Fresh offers the 2- and 4-keg cabinets in 3 versions: one remotes the compressor and taps apart from the kegs, another keeps the compressor built in and remotes the taps and a final all-in-one version has the compressor and taps built in.

Dual-zone models feature 2 independent compartments to hold wines in 2 temperature zones: 33˚F-55˚F and 40˚F-50˚F. Foamed-in-place CFC- and HCFC-free polyurethane insulation enhances the structural strength of the cabinet and helps increase energy efficiency. Solid doors self-close and include key locks. Magnetic gaskets, which snap in for easy cleaning or replacement, provide positive door sealing. A keg compartment holds 4 1/6-size kegs. Refrigerated foamed-in-place drawers hold 30 standard wine bottles per drawer. LED lighting is standard with a manual on/off switch. Units are wired at the factory and ready for connection to a 115V/60/1 phase power source. Unit measures 59-in.W x 28 3/16-in.D x 37 1/4-in.H. Black or stainless exterior and interior finishes are available.

Glastender is a bar-refrigeration specialist with completely flexible configuration and fabrication capabilities. Start with a base cooler and work with company engineers to configure the precise draft-wine cooler system you need for your operations. The types of wines you want to serve, the number of temperature zones, keg sizes, number of kegs and number of tap heads you’ll need are all part of the design process. The Glastender team configures components into the products to fit your exact specifications using state-of-the-art, in-house fabrication systems.

Wine by the glass accounts for 80% of a restaurant’s wine sales. Serve keg wine and eliminate the cork, oxidation, spoilage and waste from individual bottles. Micro Matic Pro-Line Wine dual-temperature keg dispensers store and serve wine at their optimum temperatures: 45˚F for whites and 55˚F for reds. Self-contained units come in either 4- or 8-keg models. Kegged wine is effective in reducing overhead cost. Because opened bottles only keep fresh for a day or so, a typical restaurant loses 25% of its bottle profit by throwing out half-empty bottles.

Napa Technology is the designer and manufacturer of the WineStation, an innovative, intelligent dispensing and preservation solution. The unit is designed to harness the untapped opportunities and recapture lost revenues for any wine program, large or small. Each WineStation cabinet houses 4 wine bottles that can measure from split to magnum in size. Using argon gas for preservation, the unit can dispense up to 3 pour settings between 7.5-25 oz., which are set by the operator. The WineStation’s plug-and-pour design can configure to dispense from 4 to hundreds of bottles. With the Clean-Pour Dispensing-Head technology, the wine travels directly from bottle to glass for contamination-free delivery. In addition to a smart card/POS tie in, the system can integrate with room keys on cruises, in casinos and hotels.

The Dual-Zone 36-in. Wine Center holds 2 1/6-size kegs in 2 individually programmable compartments to provide one temperature-controlled zone for white wines and another for reds. An NSF-approved digital temperature control for each compartment offers a temperature range of more than 25˚F—from 36˚F-65˚F—so you can serve vintages at their optimal temperature every time. Like the larger DZS60 within the same line of Perlick Wine Certified products, the DZS36 offers wine-dispensing kits with sanitary 304 stainless components to protect the delicate flavors of fine vintages. Plus, at 36-in.W x 24.-in.D x 34.-in.H, the DZS36 fits under a typical bar, and the front refrigeration-unit access makes it easy to service. The unit operates on 120V/60/1 phase power source.

WineEmotion wine-dispensing systems eliminate spoilage by preserving wine for 30 days; the system uses argon gas. Available in 3 models—Cinque, Otto and Quattro+4—the units dispense 5 or 8 bottles of wine. Quattro+4 offers dual temperature zones to hold wines at 2 temperatures in splits of 4 and 4 bottles or 5 and 3 bottles. All 3 models come with smart-card activation for customer self-serve installations. Limit over-pouring with the simple precise pour controls and reduce waste from opened, partial-pour bottles.

The WineKeeper Monterey wine-preservation and dispensing system has a professional look with a stainless, laminate, oak or mahogany finish that fits well into any commercial environment. The system sustains open bottles of wine for an average of 2-3 weeks. The Monterey can dispense from 8 open bottles of wine and has room to store backup bottles. The refrigeration system features an auto defrost, and the temperature is set to accommodate red wines at 46˚F-68˚F on one side and white wines at 42˚F-48˚F on the other. You also can set the system as a single temperature zone. The interior is lit with LEDs and accessible with easy-to-use sliding glass doors. The unit measures 39 ½-in.W x 19 ½-in.D x 27-in.H and requires vented air space 12 in. above and 1 in. behind and on the sides. The refrigerated case weighs 180 lb. and runs on 120V/60/1 phase power source.

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