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IDPC Fights Interior Design Licensing Bill In Illinois

Interior Designer Protection Consulting, a watchdog group that monitors legislative activities that may affect the ability of interior designers, including kitchen designers, to bid on contracts needs input—immediately—on a bill being introduced in Illinois. 

Pressure is needed to kill SB 1270, a bill to license interior designers that is to be heard before the Illinois Senate Licensed Activities and Pensions Committee.  If enacted, members will be limited to design services that do not involve “interior life safety,” a new definition that IDPC President Patti Morrow says has never been used in any other state and will create new work restrictions and impose stringent criteria for education, experience and examination.
If any of the design services a company offers—consultations, studies, drawings, specifications, selection of furnishings or space planning—have to comply with state building codes then, under the bill, they will be considered “interior life-safety” services and a license will be necessary. Failure to be licensed will impose a civil penalty of up to $5,000 per first offense; a second offense makes it a felony punishable by three to six years in prison with a fine of up to $25,000.
Morrow has been working on defeating this bill for months, and although the bill’s sponsor has had it amended in an effort to remove the opposition, Morrow says it remains problematic. Morrow can be reached via phone at 603/724-0135 or email at

Members of industry-allied associations are asked to voice their opposition by writing to the members of the Senate committee:,,,,,,,,,, and
Morrow requests she receive a copy of any emailed letters at so she can track how many letters are being sent.

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