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GALLERY: Double-Sided Grills

Garland’s Master Series Gas Xpress Grill is a 2-sided cooking device with a gas-fired grill and 2 independently controlled 11 1/2-in.W electric top heaters. Each 12 in. of the grill has 33,000 Btu/hr. of heat input via natural or propane gas as well as a built-in pressure regulator, gas shut-off valve and separate programmable controller. The unit features die-cast aluminum electric top heating elements; a stainless front, top and sides; a multicolored LED indicator that identifies operational mode; and 4 swivel casters with front brakes. The unit is available in 208V/220V/240V, 1- or 3-phase and 380V/400V/415V, 3-phase models.

Keating’s Top-Side Cooking Head is available with a manual- or auto-lift platen. Double-sided cooking dramatically reduces cooking time by up to 60%; the unit cooks up to 8, 1/4-lb. burgers under each platen. The unit, in widths from 24-72 in. (30-in.D and 48 5/8-in.H with platen up), provides two-sided cooking with precise temperature control. Top-Side Heads can be mounted onto Keating’s gas or electric models, which are equipped with a Miraclean super-polished surface that has excellent heat retention and realizes annual energy savings of 32% over competitive units, according to the company. The Miraclean surface cleans up 44% faster than competitors, based on a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign lab test. The Top-Side uses a replaceable, polymer-coated nonstick cooking sheet that makes clean up easy, as well.

Lang’s 12-in. contact clamshell is electric, warmed with steel-sheathed infrared heating elements. Its 2-sided cooking reduces wait times and increases production. Mounted in a stainless hood, the clamshell is self-leveling from the fully closed position up to an approximately 3-in. maximum opening to cook a variety of products, such as tortillas, burgers, burritos and sandwiches. The top grill platen is 5/16-in.-thick steel for rapid recovery and 11-in.W x 21 1/2-in.D for a cooking surface area of 1.64 sq. ft. The top platens are individually electronically temperature controlled from 150°F-450°F. A nonstick sheet and mounting hardware are provided with each top platen.

Taylor’s 2-sided electric grill sets the time, temperature and platen gap with the touch of a button. Air-cylinder activation automatically lowers the platen to a precise gap measurement. It’s leveled using a solid platform that follows a 3-point reference plane combined with a fixed (home) reference point. Once programmed, the gap resets to the same level every time. Platen surfaces are covered with release material to make cleanup easy. The grill has 3 cooking zones with 3 heating elements on the grill surface and 2 in each platen. Unit dimensions are 40 5/16-in.W x 38 13/16-in.D x 55-60-in.H with platen up.

Vulcan’s new VMCS Clamshell Griddle Accessory, available this month, reduces cook times and increases yield. The unit is constructed of stainless on the front, top and sides and features an anodized-aluminum arm. The cooking surface is 10.4-in.W x 22.9-in.D and the platen is available in grooved steel or Vulcan’s exclusive Rapid Recovery composite griddle plate (aluminum-core interior with 304 stainless exterior) for fast temperature recovery and even heating. A one-hand lift mechanism holds top platen in upright position for ease of loading and unloading.

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