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Save labor and time mixing everything from dough to airy egg whites with this 7-qt. planetary mixer from Axis. The mixer features a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum body and stainless bowl and operates with a 650W, ¾-hp, gear-driven motor. The compact unit measures 12-in.W x 19-in.D x 21-in.H. The safety guard, which comes standard, prevents injuries by stopping the motor when the guard is open. The mixer features a 5-speed control and a hand-lift for changing mixing tools—dough hook, flat beater and wire whip are standard—and bowl removal. 

This gear-driven, 7-qt. countertop mixer features a 650W, ¾-hp motor and a transmission with hardened alloy steel gears; it is powerful enough to mix stiff doughs and large batches. An automatic electronic 5-speed control delivers planetary mixing action on a wide range of ingredients. Tool change and bowl removal takes a simple hand-lift. The mixer comes with a dough hook, flat beater and wire whip; a safety guard is standard, too. The unit automatically shuts off when the guard is opened at any speed. The body is die-cast aluminum, and the unit measures 12-in.W x 19-in.D x 21-in.H. 

Belshaw Adamatic’s BABG-10 is a 10-qt., 1/3-hp, 120V countertop mixer with 5 direct-drive transmission speeds that can be changed through digital controls while mixing is in progress. Included are a dough hook, wire whip and flat beater, as well as conveniences such as a bowl lift, bowl guard/splash guard and an extra ingredient chute for adding water or ingredients on the fly. This highly durable commercial mixer weighs 45 lb., yet occupies only 13-in.W x 17¾-in.D of counter space; it’s 20¼-in.H. A non-skid rubber base keeps it stable on the counter. The unit is designed for convenience and dependability. 

Globe’s 5-qt. mixer, Model SP5, is constructed of a rigid cast-aluminum body. The unit has an 800W motor with an electronic speed control that offers 10 agitator speeds (30-200 rpm). The 13-in.W x 151/3-in.D x 17-in.H mixer includes a stainless bowl with dual clamps to lock the bowl in place and comes standard with a flat beater, wire whip, spiral dough hook and splash cover with an ingredient chute. The mixer has a #10 attachment hub and an easy-action bowl lift. Electronic speed and load control guarantees consistent kneading and mixing performance. The unit comes with electrically controlled thermal-overload protection and a 2-yr. parts and 1-yr. labor warranty. 

The heavy-duty Hobart N50 5-Qt. Mixer comes with a 1/6-hp motor, gear-driven transmission and 3 fixed speeds: low, intermediate and high. A variety of attachments, including a flat beater, wire whip and dough hook, make the machine versatile, helping operators face ever-changing industry trends. Easily raise and lower the 5-qt. stainless bowl (standard with purchase) with a convenient hand lever. Other mixer features include large, easy-to-reach controls and a front-mounted #10 attachment hub. The unit measures 103/8-in.W x 15-in.D x 17-in.H. 

NSF certified for commercial use, the KitchenAid Commercial 8-Qt. Stand Mixer has a 1.3-hp, high-efficiency DC motor that delivers 0.44 hp (close to ½ hp) mixing power to the bowl. PowerCore technology delivers consistent power while reducing heat buildup. Features include speed-control protection, which won't let the unit turn on during cleaning, and soft start on all 10 mixing speeds. All-metal housing and control knobs are standard. The mixer also is available with a stainless bowl guard to enhance safe operation. Dimensions are 13 1/3-in.W x 14½-in.D x 16½-in.H. A stainless spiral dough hook, flat beater and whip as well as an 8-qt. brushed stainless bowl with “J” style handle all come standard. 

Show off your baking skills with the Omcan 7-Qt. Planetary Mixer. A heavy-duty, 280W, 1/3-hp variable-speed motor comes standard with the mixer. The large-capacity bowl and high-speed setting enables mixing to be completed in the shortest possible amount of time. Available in an attractive white or gray finish, the mixer provides a modern industrial look in any kitchen. The mixer’s head can be raised for easy loading and unloading. The mixer is equipped with an overload protection for added safety. Omcan countertop mixers come complete with a wire whip, dough hook and flat beater and measure 9½-in.W x 161/10-in.D x 16¾-in.H. A 1-yr. parts and labor warranty ensures the mixer will be a long-term staple in your kitchen. 

Sammic’s professional countertop planetary mixer is handy and narrow, measuring 12-in.W x 15-in.D x 21-in.H and operates with a continuous variable-speed control (300W power, just under ½ hp). An extractible safety guard comes standard, as does a stainless bowl, spiral heavy-dough hook, beater spatula for soft dough and balloon whisk. The unit features a double-micro switch to ensure the bowl is positioned properly and the safety guard is in place. The bowl lifts and lowers with a lever. 

Thunderbird Food Machinery’s ARM-01 is a 10-qt. mixer that comes with standard interchangeable attachments, including a dough hook, flat beater and whip as well as a bowl guard. This 1/2-hp, 115V (with option of 220V), 1-phase machine is ready for your every use, from pizza dough to cake batter. Gear-driven transmission mixes at 3 preset speeds. Weighing only 60 lb. and starting at 11 amps, this unit is lightweight yet heavy-duty. A no-volt release prevents the mixer from starting in the event of a power interruption; it must be restarted. The best part of this machine is the little maintenance it needs after every use. Just a quick wipe down, and it’s ready for tomorrow. Dimensions are 14-in.W x 18-in.D x 24-in.H. 

The Varimixer W5 Teddy, 24-in.W x 18-in.D x 18-in.H, is an extremely rugged countertop mixer able to mix bread, pizza and tortilla doughs consistently in addition to mixing the more delicate liquid products, such as meringues and dressings. Like all Varimixer mixers, the agitator speed can be adjusted instantly to any increment between 120-400 rpm by moving a simple dial accessible from either side of the appliance; even at top speed, the mixer runs silently. Solid construction is evident in the machine's 45-lb. weight and powerful 0.7-hp motor. All attachments, plus the twist-lock bowl and safety guard, are constructed in stainless, making this 5½-qt. mixer the choice for heavy and frequent small-batch production. 

All of the features, workhorse durability, service, reliability and reputation you’ve come to expect from Vollrath is in one tough countertop mixer. Designed specifically for small commercial mixing applications, this compact, 10-Qt. Countertop Mixer, Model 40756, at 13 1/16-in.W x 17 11/16-in.D x 21 3/16-in.H, fits into any tight kitchen. The powerful 1/3-hp motor makes it robust enough for continuous commercial use. The electronic-speed-control mixer features a digital control panel that makes it easy to shift between 5 speeds while the unit is running. The machine comes standard with a dough hook, wire whisk, flat beater, stainless mixing bowl and safety guard. 

Measuring 12-in.W x 16-in.D x 15-in.H, the Waring Commercial 7-Qt. Stand Mixer, Model WSM7Q, has the power, capacity and precision to handle any job your recipes require. A 1+-hp motor provides the power needed for professional-quality mixing. This stand mixer comes with a splash guard along with paddle, whisk and dough-hook attachments to mix, whip and knead dough. With 12 speeds and a PULSE feature for a burst of power, you can precisely control how ingredients combine. The heavy die-cast aluminum metal base and stainless bowl with handles are durable and easy to clean. The tilt-back head allows for easy assembly and disassembly. The machine comes with a 2-yr. motor warranty.

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