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PG&E Food Service Announces Project Tech Advisors

Fisher-Nickel Inc. (Fishnick), the operator of Pacific Gas & Electric Co.’s Food Service Technology Center, has announced a technical advisory committee for its “Demonstration of High-Efficiency Commercial Cooking Equipment and Kitchen Ventilation System Optimization in Commercial Foodservice” project.  

The project’s goal—awarded last year to Fishnick in a Building Natural Gas Technology grant—is to demonstrate and characterize the energy-savings potential, cost-effectiveness and cooking performance of high-efficiency equipment compared with baseline equipment at four different commercial foodservice sites.

The San Ramon, Calif., firm’s technical advisors for the project include foodservice industry professionals and California Utility representatives: Jeffrey Clark, National Restaurant Association (Conserve program); Nicole O’Rourke, SoCalGas; Andre Saldivar, Southern California Edison; Charlie Souhrada, NAFEM; Charlene Spoor, PG&E; Mark Stech-Novak, Restaurant Consultation & Design; and Kate Zeng, San Diego Gas & Electric.

The advisors will lend their technical expertise in the field of commercial foodservice equipment, knowledge of relevant research conducted in the commercial foodservice industry sector and experience with market applications for commercial foodservice appliances to help guide the project’s direction.

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