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Fishnick Announces Second Tech Advisory Committee

Things are getting busy at Fisher-Nickel (fishnick), operator of Pacific Gas & Electric’s Food Service Technology Center. Fishnick has unveiled a technical advisory committee for its “Demonstration of High-Efficiency Hot Water Systems in Commercial Food Service” project.

Fishnick was awarded a “Building Natural Gas Technology” grant last fall to demonstrate and document system efficiency from hot-water generation to end use by measuring energy and water consumption throughout the system. Baseline and optimized hot-water-system testing at two field sites will be combined with testing and validating several optimization techniques in the laboratory.

The technical advisory committee for the project includes foodservice industry professionals and California utility representatives: Nahum Goldberg, Next Step Design; Gary Klein, Affiliated Int’l. Management; Jim Lutz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Greg Michaelson, Safeway Inc.; Nicole O’Rourke, SoCalGas; Roberto Rodriguez, Contra Costa Environmental Health; Andre Saldivar, Southern California Edison; and Charlene Spoor, PG&E.

TAC members for fishnick’s “Demonstration of High-Efficiency Commercial Cooking Equipment and Kitchen Ventilation System Optimization in Commercial Foodservice” project were announced a week earlier.  

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