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PRODUCTS: September 2015

Some of the simplest applications make a splash in the foodservice industry, show up in kitchens across the globe and still make you ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?” An Australian invention designed to reduce the use and waste of plastic wrap and aluminum foil on gastronorm and hotel pans, Flexsil-Lids are made of food-grade silicone and come in 6 standard pan sizes. “With Flexsil-Lids, kitchens are able to keep food fresher and safer and save time since pans with our lids can go from refrigerated storage to the oven or freezer without a lot of wasteful wrapping,” says Sam Karadsheh, Managing Partner and President of Flexsil-Lid USA. When used in an oven or microwave, the lids can even speed up cooking time by trapping heat inside the pan, which then acts as an incubator. Covered by a 1-yr. warranty, the lids can be frozen to -40°F and heated to 428°F without damage. The reusable lids feature a “lip-lock” design; you just stretch and place the “lip-lock” around a pan’s rim to seal in contents, even liquids. With Flexsil-Lids, you can stack pans in the refrigerator and transport food without fear of spilling. You also can write dates, food type and more on the lids with a whiteboard marker, then simply wipe them off with a moist cloth when you’re done. Dishmachine safe, the lids are reversible and have smooth edges so food remnants can be washed away easily. When care instructions are followed, the NSF-certified, FDA-approved lids can be used many times over without degrading. Flexsil-Lids now also come in several colors to support color-coding for meat, fish, dairy and other foods.

Carpigiani introduces the Spin Twist, an easy-to-use slush dispenser. The simple, sleek dispenser can deliver 2-flavor frozen drinks and cocktails in 1 swift movement. The new dispenser consists of a freezer connected to two clear containers that display the available slush flavors; it offers 2 single flavors as well as a twist option. With a footprint of 18½-in.W x 20-in.D x 32-in.H, it has a production capacity of 3.17 gal. per container. Designed with a push/pull handle, the dispenser is easy to assemble and disassemble and equipped with a lighted cover with a lock safety system, a drip tray with a “tray full” device and an electronic thermostat.
Carpigiani/Ali Group

The Blanco Cook line of tabletop cooking units features 3 new components: a 2-zone induction hob, a surface induction hob and a large griddle that can operate separately or connect in one unit. The zoned induction hob has 2 adjustable heating areas, while the rectangular surface induction hob provides concentrated energy for pans and casserole dishes. The large, 31½-in.W griddle also has 2 adjustable heating zones powered by 8.4kW. With a compact design and a 242/5-in. depth, all of the units fit on any standard worktop; they can be combined in any configuration. All of the units are equipped with rotary knobs, and adjustable feet allow you to align them, even on irregular surfaces. Flat, scratch-resistant stainless and Ceran surfaces ensure optimal hygiene.
Blanco Professional

Groen’s Vortex100 boilerless electric steamers come in 4 models with 21¾-in.W, 31-in.D and a 19½-in. or 29¼-in.H. The Energy Star units have no connections, so you simply plug them in, add water to the reservoir and cook. A convection fan distributes steam evenly, creating steady heat, consistent steam and low energy consumption. When done cooking, the unit sounds a continuous buzzer and automatically switches to hold mode until you are able to attend to your food. Available in 3- or 6-pan capacities, the models can be stacked to create 9- or 12-pan units. All of the models can mount on a stand or table.
Groen/Unified Brands

The Titan Series Max-Cut can dice, wedge, core and cut fries in ¼-, 3/8- or ½-in. sizes. It can cut 6- or 8-section wedges of potatoes, tomatoes, lemons and more as well as core apples. You can quickly and easily switch from wall to table mounting with the available quick-connect bases. Additionally, the quick-change pusher and all-stainless blade assemblies with protective wash guards feature a large cutting surface to make short work of your food-prep tasks. The NSF-certified units also feature a heavy-duty, dishmachine-safe construction and multiple cutting options.
Edlund Co.

The Everpure Endurance SC High Flow Systems by Pentair can provide a high volume of premium, filtered water for many foodservice applications. The new self-cleaning model features smart, hollow-fiber technology that adjusts the flush cycle based on water usage, making the system perfect for tap water that has extreme particulate, including ultra-small colloidal particles that can clog fine carbon filters. Available in twin, triple and quad configurations, the systems have a capacity of up to 200,000 gal. and a flow rate of up to 15 gpm, along with substantial dirt- and sediment-reduction capabilities.
Pentair Everpure

Tomlinson’s new Skateboard Servers make food presentation and service elegant and easy. Made of NSF-approved Richlite heat-resistant surfaces, the servers have bottom skid-resistant feet to lift food up and off the table; they are ideal for antipasto, cheese samplings, appetizers, artisan breads and dessert presentations. Made of resin-impregnated paper composite, the dense Richlite surfaces protect knives and help resist dulling. The surfaces also are stain- and water-resistant as well as dishmachine safe. Available in natural or black, the servers come in 2 sizes: ½-in. thick x 7-in.W x 17-in.L and ½-in. thick x 6-in.W x 14-in.L.
Tomlinson Industries

The new SmartTouch touchscreen controller for Broaster Pressure Fryers makes it easier for operators to cook genuine Broaster chicken, food favorites from Broaster Express and other Broaster foods. The large, full-color touchscreen features a complete library of preset Broaster foods cook times and product photos, making it simple for you to cook up to 46 Broaster items with a touch of the screen. In locations with multiple fryers, you can transfer cook times from one machine to another via USB port. SmartTouch automatically reports totals of cooked loads and the number of cycles since the cooking oil has been filtered. The technology also has automatic idle and shut-off modes which help control energy consumption and reduce operating costs.
Broaster Co.

Add a wastebasket and a bus tub to Metro’s myCart, and you have a perfect, rolling bussing station for quick clean-up. Choose from 2- or 3-shelf models in 3 sizes (16-in.W x 27-in.D, 20-in.W x 30-in.D and 26-in.W x 36-in.D) and 3 colors. Carts feature sturdy construction, corrosion-proof materials, including Microban embedded polypropylene shelves and chrome-plated hardware. Smart configuration details set this cart apart, including an indented space on each shelf paired with an extended handle to enable users to push the cart without kicking it with every step. An erasable label lets you mark it by busser or department.

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