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CCSB Considers Freight Class Changes For Ovens, Grease Traps, Ice-Cream Makers/Freezers

Three major equipment categories—ovens, ice cream makers/freezers and grease traps—are under consideration for freight-class changes by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s Community Classification Standards Board. The CCSB will discuss these changes at its Sept. 29 meeting in Denver. E&S industry members should weigh in immediately by contacting the CCSB at 703/838-1810 or email

The full docket can be found here. The individual categories to be discussed are more directly accessed here. It’s long and complicated, so our friend Tim Walsh at ReTrans kindly provided us with a recap of the items on the docket.

The change in definition of density-driven on items such as ovens and microwaves is the biggest issue ReTrans sees on the docket, as shippers of these types of ovens with density less than 10 pcf could face significantly higher rates. In summary:           


The following oven items, if passed, will be cancelled and replaced with other items (ovens, baking, convection, etc.):

  • 26720 Electric portable iron (class 100)

  • 26740 Electric stationary iron (class 85)

  • 26760 Iron set-up class 85/KD (class 70)

  • 26770  Microwave or micro and convection combined (class 85)

  • 26780 Portable for tops of stoves or ranges set up class 200/KD (class 85)

The new item will be ovens, baking, convection or microwave, in boxes or crates and having density of:

  • Sub 1 – less than 6 pcf                (class 200)

  • Sub 2 – 6 but less than 10 pcf   (class 110)

  • Sub 3 – 10 pcf or greater            (class 77.5)

Grease Traps

Currently there are two items for grease traps: 52550 applies when they have a brass body (at cl 77.5) and 52560 applies when they have an iron or steel body (at cl 60) that are under the conduits, other than earthenware group. If passed, the new, specific item for grease traps will be based on density. 

Ice-Cream Freezers/Makers

The following items, if passed, will be cancelled and rolled into the existing 121400, which would put all ice-cream makers under one, lower-classed item.

  • 121420  Hand- or power-sub to density less than 10 pcf = (class 110) or 10 pcf+ (class 85)

  • 121440  Power, brine circulating, direct expansion ammonia or fluorine (class 85)

  • 121500  Freezers, ice cream, power and mechanical refrigerators combined  (class 85)

The expanded 121400 then would read:

Freezers and ice-cream makers, hand- or-power operated, with or without dispensers or mechanical cooling or freezing apparatus (class 77.5)

This applies on hand- or power-operated machines that make ice cream or other frozen dessert such as custard, yogurt, gelato or sorbet.

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