ServSafe Launches Arabic Language Food Safety Course

Foodservice chains are rapidly expanding in the Middle East, and now the National Restaurant Association has expanded the reach of its food-safety training programs into Arabic-speaking countries with the release of ServSafe Food Safety Online Course-Arabic.

ServSafe Int’l. products are now available in 25 languages and used in over 80 countries.

ServSafe is the gold standard of food-safety training, and we are pleased to continue to expand the program’s international presence with the release of the Arabic Food Safety Online Course,” says Sherman Brown, Senior V.P.-ServSafe Business and Financial Strategy. “Both at home and abroad, the food-safety training of individuals who handle and prepare food is essential for the safety of guests served around the world each day.”

The new online course includes an un-proctored final exam, and students who pass the exam are able to print their own certificates locally. The course also includes country-specific documents explaining unique food-safety requirements where necessary. Additional information is available at

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