PRODUCTS: November 2015

Make the best use of your space by rolling in a vertical buffet display. Eastern Tabletop’s new circular Moving Buffet is 70-in. tall and features a safety brake-lock system that swiftly turns the moveable unit into a stationary display piece. With a couple of quick releases, the buffet can be on the move again. The 2-piece buffet can be used as a singular circular unit when the pieces are placed together or split to provide a breathtaking walk-through entrance. Made from top-quality stainless, the unit is designed to withstand the rigors of the commercial banqueting and buffet industry and last for many years. The standard finish is a brushed stainless, but with Eastern Tabletop’s proprietary XYLO Coloring Program, the buffet can be finished in almost any color. The buffet’s shelves can be either tempered glass or high-grade acrylic, depending on your preference. By eliminating buffet tables, linens and risers, you can avoid linen maintenance and riser storage space.

San Jamar’s sanitary Saf-T-Knife Station protects knives from contaminants and damage while keeping staff safe from injuries. A clear-view door makes choosing a knife easy. The station’s 3-piece construction disassembles quickly and is dishmachine-safe, while the door opens for day-to-day cleaning. Slot configuration accommodates a variety of knife-blade lengths and widths—up to 1/10 in. in blade thickness—and one large slot can hold a blade up to 5 in. in width. The station is made of break-resistant plastic, and the top slot material won’t dull knives. The unit also includes space to store a knife sharpener.
San Jamar

An adjustable Display Table from Winholt Equipment features an insulated, removable ice bin that keeps food cold and offers your customers a self-serve option for packaged merchandise. The ice bins have 2-in. foam insulation, a basket drain and a shut-off valve at the bottom. The stainless table with all-welded construction features a removable Lexan canopy and side panels. Use the 36-in.W x 36-in.L x 52½-in.H table flat, or adjust it to a 7° or 15° angle. The table maneuvers easily on 4 polyurethane swivel casters with brakes and has a lifetime warranty against rust.
Winholt Equipment

Electrolux Professional’s Green&Clean Dishwasher features a Wash Safe Control that guarantees high-performance rinsing with a constant temperature of 183°F or higher. The stainless hood-type unit requires only ½ gal. of water per cycle for rinsing. The dishmachine’s Energy Saving Device is an efficient water-preheating system that recovers steam from each cycle and uses it to heat incoming cold water, which saves energy and creates a more comfortable working environment. The Zero Lime Device—an automatic delime cycle for components—ensures lower energy consumption and running costs. The Clear Blue Filtering System guarantees cleanliness by keeping the wash water free of food residue.
Electrolux Professional

Ovention’s M360 compact oven features breakthrough rapid-cook technology that relies on precision impingement rather than microwaves to provide ventless operation and preparation of a huge number of menu items, each with different cook times and heat profiles. Like its Matchbox and Shuttle stablemates, the award-winning unit offers great cook quality and versatility for breakfast sandwiches and paninis to pizza, meats, grilled veggies and cookies. The oven features 2 cook surfaces that automatically load and unload. The units also now have optional decorative covers to enhance display presentation.

FETCO introduces its CBS-2160XTS Series Touchscreen Coffee Brewers. Available in single- and twin-station 3-gal. models, the high-capacity, high-quality brewers provide flexibility for large-scale operations, such as banquet halls, cafeterias and restaurants. Intuitive, easy to read and simple to navigate, the Extractor Touchscreen Operating System was engineered for quick and efficient setup, programming, diagnostics and daily operational brewing modes. Water flows over the outer surface of the units’ Cascading Spray Dome instead of through tiny drain holes that can get clogged with mineral and scale. The dome eliminates buildup, meaning fewer service calls and lower operating costs.

The Sensaphone WSG30 system remotely monitors freezers and refrigerators to protect valuable food assets and cold storage equipment. The wireless system is a flexible web-based monitoring solution for use when hardwiring sensors is not a viable option. A single WSG30 unit can support up to 30 wireless sensors, ideal for expanding operations. The system can monitor conditions including temperatures from -109°F-115°F, humidity, power failure and water leaks. In the event of an alarm, the system notifies up to 32 people by email, text message, SNMP or Modbus. Users can make programming changes, access status conditions and review data logs online through any web-enabled device. The system can log up to 67,000 records. All Sensaphone systems are manufactured in the U.S.

Southbend’s new and innovative TruCHILL blast chiller/shock freezer system rapidly cools contents to safe storing temperatures while improving quality, reducing waste, controlling food costs, extending shelf life and meeting all HAACP requirements. Constructed with almost 99% recyclable materials, the system uses an ISO 14001 Certified, R404a refrigerant that is CFC/HCFC free. The unit reduces energy consumption and has lower CO2 emissions than competing products. The system also has USB data ports for up-to-date information on holding temperatures. The system is available in 5-, 10-, 15-, 20- and 40-pan models.

FWE has a full line of holding equipment to suit your foodservice needs. The Low-Temperature Cook and Hold Oven, Model LCH-G2, lets you cook almost anywhere without a hood. The unit consistently cooks to perfection and holds precisely with next-generation technology. The Clymate IQ Heated Holding Cabinet provides precision moisture technology. Hundreds of meals can be held hot in 60 different durable, all-welded, all-stainless Banquet Cabinets. NSF-approved Portable Bars allow you to bring beverage service to patrons and guests, providing servers a safer and quicker turnaround on beverage orders. The forced-air Cold-Temp Refrigerating System maintains a balanced temperature that gently circulates cold air evenly throughout the cabinet.

Hatco’s portable, modular, black glass shelf offers buffet-line flexibility. Featuring a food-safe black tempered-glass surface, the heated shelf keeps food hot using a thermostatically controlled heated base with electronic temperature-control settings. Made with durable stainless, it is easy to clean because of its simple design. Although you can place food directly on the heated black glass surface, the HGSM-1P model also accommodates 1 full-size food pan.

Frontline Int’l.’s mobile containment Tank Tank acts as an oversized caddy system for large establishments with remote waste-cooking-oil containment or central containment for many fryers positioned in varied locations. The safe, mobile tank can be positioned close to a fryer; fryer contents then can be suctioned into the tank. When it’s full, simply wheel this temporary storage unit to a permanently positioned, centrally located containment tank and pump the used oil into it. For smaller establishments with low fryer volume, the tank can serve as a clean, all-in-one solution. Simply roll the tank to the fryer, then roll the tank back to its permanent position. Used cooking oil can be stored in the tank until a rendering company collects it.
Frontline Int’l.

Environmentally friendly and engineered for ease of installation and operation, Server Products’ Drop-In ConserveWell Utensil Holder can save more than 250,000 gal. of water per year compared with a traditional continuous-flow dipper well. Holding utensils above 140°F, the unit prevents bacteria growth. The utensil holder is designed to fit into existing countertop cutouts and work seamlessly into any fast-paced environment—speeding service by keeping utensils clean and handy. The unit is available with an optional countdown timer, which reminds you to change the holding water.
Server Products

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