PRODUCTS: March 2016

The first time Del Fugate, Maintenance Supervisor at Frisch’s Restaurants, spotted an advertisement for the self-contained ConserveWell heated utensil holder by Server Products, he knew it was well worth the investment. “This was a no-brainer!” he says. The Cincinnati-based company, which operates 95 Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants and oversees 26 franchised units, relied at the time on 2 traditional dipper wells in each store. The dipper wells comprised a drop-in stainless canister with a counter-mounted faucet, which continuously trickled hot water to keep utensils clean. Fugate calculated each faucet ran 15 hr. per day and the company-owned stores combined drained 7.8 million gal. of water per yr. When Fugate approached the chain’s new owners, NRD Capital, with the ConserveWell, they all were eager to convert to the more environmentally-friendly option. Fitting most existing dipper-well cutouts, ConserveWells hold utensils in water above 140°F to prevent bacterial growth. A programmable countdown timer indicates when employees need to change the water; Frisch’s staffers set the timer and change the water every 4 hr. “We replaced the existing dipper wells with ConserveWells in every company-owned store; in the fi rst yr., we’ll save about $20,000 in water and sewage costs after fi guring in the initial purchase expenses,” Fugate says. “Beyond that, we expect to save $90,000 per yr., assuming utility rates don’t increase.” ConserveWells also reduce service calls, he says. “Each restaurant relies on 1 well to hold ice cream scoopers and 1 well to hold knives used to butter toast,” he explains. “The wells that used to hold the knives a lot of times sent butter down the drain where it cooled and hardened in the p-trap. We fi gured as a company we spent $185 roughly 45 times a yr. on service calls for clogged dipper wells.” In January, Fugate introduced ConserveWells to Big Boy franchisees, 10 of whom immediately invested in the equipment.

Baxter’s OV500G1-EE rotating single-rack oven and OV500G2-EE rotating double-rack oven recently earned Energy Star certification. Rack ovens are a newer category in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, company officials report. Standard energy-saving highlights on both models include halogen lighting in the bake chamber that provides better visibility and better bulb life in high-temperature environments; efficient 180k Btu/hr. (single rack) or 275k Btu/hr. (double rack) in-shot burner systems that consume less gas but provide high-impact results; and an improved airflow design that maximizes heat exchanger use and reduces energy consumption.
Baxter Mfg./ITW FEG

The Multiplex Blend-in-Cup (BiC) Ice On Board system automatically creates all kinds of blended drinks including those made with ice, syrups and/or dairy-based ingredients. With a push of a button, your employees can turn out fruit smoothies, frappes, blended-ice or flavor-over-ice drinks. Add mix-ins such as candy and cookie bits during the blending cycle. The unit features an on-board, 450 lb./24-hr. nugget ice machine and can blend and dispense up to 3 different drinks at once. The system delivers inventory and service feedback and collects production data—automated production means minimal waste. With step-by-step, clean-in-place instructions, the machine is as easy to clean as it is to operate.

The PowerRinse Pot/Pan (Model PRP) waste collection system fits small- to medium-sized kitchens and features a larger scrapping tray than the standard PRS model. The increased length of the tray provides additional workspace for oversized cookware, including sheet pans. Use both hands to scrap wares under the powerful plume of recirculated water and cut the time in half that it takes to clear wares. PowerRinse also reduces bulk waste without grinding. Solid waste collects in a scrap basket while water-soluble waste harmlessly moves down the drain. Model PRP consumes 1 gpm/hr. of fresh water and recirculates water with the force of 30 gpm to help clear dirty dishes.

Part of the MAX Induction product line, this portable, countertop wok induction range comprises a durable, brushed stainless body; 5-mm-thick, tempered glass cooktop; detachable control plate; and a non-skid, non-scratch base. SmartScan technology adjusts for voltage, pan size and pan type. For optimal heating and performance, the Spring USA team designed 2 woks (a 7-qt. stainless pan and a 4-qt. non-stick pan) for the range. The hemispherical shape of the pans matches the radius of the range’s glass and interior induction mechanism. The digital LED display shows the power level (1 to 20) in cook mode and temperature (110°F-400°F) in temp mode. You’ll need a 208V-240V or 220V-240V electrical connection depending on the model. Model 351WCR measures 15-in.W x 21-in.D x 6-in.H.
Spring USA

Thermodyne’s 300NDNL countertop holding unit uses Fluid Shelf Technology, a heating method designed to continuously circulate heat throughout each shelf. The unit distributes even heat from the cabinet’s top to bottom, left to right. By not circulating air or radical heat, the unit can hold food product for an extended period of time without overcooking or drying it out. The technology also protects product from unstable environments, such as door openings and hot spots, because the shelves maintain the heat rather than the air. The model comes standard with 5 shelves, holding 12-in.W x 20-in.D x 2½-in.H pans. Overall, the cabinet measures 17½-in.W x 23-in.D x 257/8-in.H and is available as pass through or with a solid-panel back.
Thermodyne Foodservice Products

Sporting a 3-hp motor, the variable-speed R602V combination processor offers bowl-cutter and vegetable-prep assemblies. A 7-qt. stainless bowl with a smooth stainless blade assembly enables you to easily and quickly prepare soups, sauces, purees and salad dressings. The vegetable-prep assembly features two hoppers—a large hopper for processing cabbage, celery, lettuce and tomatoes, for example, and a deeper hopper to accommodate long or fragile vegetables, such as carrots and cucumbers. The machine measures 14¾-in.W. x 14½-in.D x 28½-in.H.
Robot Coupe

The recirculated water used for pre-flushing soiled wares in the Salvajor Collector reduces water and sewer costs dramatically. The Scrap Collector consumes only 2 gpm of fresh water while the pre-flushing water plume recirculates at a powerful rate of 30 gpm. Scrapping speed is twice as fast as using a pre-rinse spray because the Collector leaves both hands free for scrapping and the powerful plume of water runs continuously over dishes. Dishroom employees can let problem dishes (with dried or baked-on food) soak in the Collector basin while continuing to scrap other wares. Solid waste collects in the basket, while soluble waste goes down the drain. Every community in the U.S. accepts the Salvajor Collector line for food waste disposal.

Nemco developed a proprietary, front-open shelf merchandiser for hot pizza, burgers, burritos, breadsticks and other hot items that actually maintains its hot-holding temperature for hours—most open units can only hold hot temps for about 30 min. maximum, according to the company. This glass-sided, powder-coated unit carries 860W of heating power to hold food at safe, ready-to-serve temperatures. Independent heat and light controls on each shelf let you adjust display and holding conditions for different foods.
Nemco Food Equipment


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