GALLERY: Heavy-Duty Ranges

American Range’s Medallion Series 34-in.-wide, 6 open-burner range sports stainless front and sides and your base options include a standard oven or convection oven. The 30,000-Btu/hr. burners have lift-off heads; easily remove the cast-iron grates over each burner section. A 1-piece aluminized steel drip tray covers all burners. The 40,000-Btu/hr. oven sports a piezo spark ignition and a porcelain-lined interior. The oven thermostat ranges 150°F-500°F. This heavy-duty range comes with a 1¼-in. front manifold for unlimited modular design and an adjustable stainless front rail with a maximum measurement of 75/8-in.D. Other range options include hot plates, griddles, broilers and French tops.

Garland’s heavy-duty ranges are ideal for fine dining or high-volume operations. The ranges feature 6 24,000-Btu Starfire burners (35,000-Btu on 17-in. burner), 1-piece stainless drip trays, cast-iron top grates, porcelain-lined oven interiors and piezo-electric oven ignition. Front, sides and 7 1/2-in.D-plate shelf are all stainless. Both Garland’s Master Series (34-in. platform) and U.S. Range Cuisine Series (36- in. platform) can be customized into batteries or suites. Units include a variety of range tops (including induction); bases with standard or convection ovens, storage and refrigeration; over- and under-fired broilers; and fryers.

Hestan’s 36-in. freestanding range is available with 4 or 6 30,000-Btu CircuFlame sealed burners with cast brass lift-off burner caps and base for easy cleaning. Each burner is fired with a single point re-ignition direct-spark system that will continue to spark until the burner flame is lit. CircuFlame burners can produce power as high as 30,000 Btu/hr. for searing and broiling and as low as 1,500 Btu/hr. for simmering, a 20:1 turn-down ratio. Heavy-gauge welded construction is clad in all stainless, including polished stainless grates. A fully-insulated standard or convection oven comes with U-shaped tubular, stainless, 40,000-Btu burner. Five-position rack supports hold sheet pans without an oven rack and a counterweighted door hinge has hydraulic soft-opening capability. The modular top and base can be customized to create cooking suites and batteries.

Imperial’s IHR-6 36-in.-wide, heavy-duty range comes with 6 35,000 Btu/hr. open burners. The burners boast an anti-clogging feature, making them 21% more efficient, according to the manufacturer. Remove and separate the cast-iron burners for easy cleaning. Measuring 12-in.W x 14-in.D, the wavy grates raise pans and create more heat transfer than direct metal-to-metal contact. Choose from a 40,000 Btu/hr. standard oven or a 35,000 Btu/hr. convection oven—both are porcelain-lined and can accommodate sheet pans front-to-back and side-to-side. The convection oven comes with a 1/4-hp blower motor to cook products quickly and evenly with less shrinkage.

The Titan heavy-duty gas range comes with 6 35,000 Btu/hr., cast-iron open burners constructed with 2 pieces and porcelain coated for easy cleaning. The range is 100% welded with a 14-gauge stainless frame, sides and front and 12-gauge bottom. The steel open-burner top grates have a lifetime warranty. The all-stainless oven interior has removable sides and bottom for easy cleaning and a fully welded stainless, sealed oven door; temp range is 150°F -550°F with a 35,000 Btu oven burner. Racks are chrome-plated and curved and welded to eliminate sharp ends. Also all-stainless: infinite-control burner gas valves, burner hangers, internal gas tubing and pilot tips and tubing, 6-in. plate shelf and crumb tray/spill pan below the open burners. Unit is 36-in.W x 38-in.D.

Range tops feature 3 12-in.W x 31-in.D open burner tops with heavily-ribbed cast-iron top grates; 2 large-diameter 30,000 Btu/hr. lift-off star burners; automatic, standing pilots; and drip pans below. Ovens feature a front-vent design that delivers consistent baking temperatures (low to 500°F) throughout the porcelain-lined interior. Standard ovens, 6-in. deeper than convection ovens at 281/2-in.D, include a 40,000-Btu cast-iron burner and accept pans length- and width-wise; convection ovens also have a 40,000-Btu burner. Racks and guides are nickel-coated and the counter-weighted door seals tight without springs or a gasket. Range is constructed of satin-finish stainless, front and exterior bottom; other surfaces painted black with electrolytic zinc undercoating.

The Southbend Platinum Series heavy-duty range is designed to withstand all the rigors of high-volume kitchens. Model P36A-BBB is a 36-in.W sectional range with 6 35,000 Btu (natural or LP gas) patented clog-free burners on top of a 45,000-Btu convection oven base. The convection oven base comes standard with a standing pilot light and thermostat range of 175°F-550°F. Standard features include a heavy-duty stainless door handle, porcelain enamel interior and 3 oven racks. Plus, the unit comes with a 5-in.H flue riser, 6-in. stainless adjustable legs and a 3-yr. parts-and-labor warranty.

Vulcan’s V6B36S heavy-duty gas range is 36-in.W with a standard oven. Solidly built with a MIG-welded base, this model sports a stainless exterior, crumb tray and burner box. Modular construction allows easy installation and connection to additional units. Six 33,000 Btu/hr. V-series cast-iron burners feature lift-off burner heads for easy cleaning. Heavy-duty, cast-iron burner grates are separate from aeration bowl for easy cleaning. The standard oven puts out 50,000 Btu/hr. The heavy-duty oven door has counterweight door hinges; oven interior is porcelain over steel. Options include a proprietary infrared broiler; PowerFry3 high-efficiency fryer; and available later this year, a new composite griddle plate.

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