PRODUCTS: May 2016

Operators at two corporate dining facilities in Germany have adopted an automated payment system for patrons that relies on intelligent tableware. Supplied by Bauscher, headquartered in Weiden, Germany, the system, called PABIS, for Payment by Intelligent Solutions, uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track food products. Here’s how it works: Patrons walk through the serving line and pick up plates, each outfitted with a transponder chip (embedded into the underside) that recognizes the type of food loaded on the plate. As the patrons exit the serving line and enter the dining room, for instance, the transponder chip sends information—the food type and cost—to an electronic cash register. Patrons receive individualized bills listing the selected items and pay for meals in a cashless transaction. Operators can apply the same system to glassware for tracking beverages. “The intelligent plates eliminate the need for a cashier to check people out; labor savings is key considering the pressure on operators to raise minimum wages,” says Jeff Heaney, President of BauscherHepp Inc., Raleigh, N.C., adding that the company hasn’t yet marketed the system in the U.S. “PABIS can also help with food preparation or inventory. If you think of high-volume facilities, like school cafeterias, the system could send a message to kitchen employees that they’re about to run out of a menu item and need to produce more.”

Soup Never Tasted So Good
The newest addition to the Heated Well line, Hatco Soup Stations are the perfect choice to hold your pre-heated soups at precise and safe serving temperatures. The SW model units evenly distribute heat throughout to keep soups hot and fresh. Accessories are available to customize your Soup Station for your foodservice operation.
Hatco Corp.

Add Soft-Serve Treats To Your Menu
Increase your frozen treat menu offerings with the Stoelting mini soft-serve countertop freezer. Measuring 11-in.W x 19-in.D x 28-in.H, the lightweight, portable machine is ideal for small restaurants, delis, bakeries, food trucks and c-stores. Operable with both commercial dry and liquid mixes, the machine makes ice milk, ice cream, yogurt, frozen dietary desserts and more. Employees can easily disassemble the machine for cleaning. A horizontal auger continually draws product across the freezer plate and scrapes it to eliminate product build-up and waste. A unique seal-less drive-shaft eliminates preventive maintenance and mandatory seal replacements.
Vollrath Co.

Your Go-To Oven For Baking
Turbo Air recently added RBCO-1 and RBCO-2 convection ovens to its Radiance line. Benefits include an exterior design that works well in an open-kitchen bakery to elevate ambience; multiple configurations for the lower section (5-tray convection oven or 10-tray pan rack); and a motor and propeller that generates steady flow of air inside the oven for even colorization of food product. Models measure 31-in.W x 45-in.D x 66-in.H, hold 16-in. x 24-in. trays and have a temperature range of 200°F-518°F. RBCO-1 holds 5 trays and RBCO-2 accommodates 10 trays; tray rack comes optional.
Turbo Air

Easily Adjustable Shield
Advance Tabco’s Chamber Lock Rotating System makes it easy to adjust this portable food shield, ideal for temporary foodservice applications. Features include a ¼-in.-thick thermoplastic polymer shield, 1-in. stainless posts and a 1½-in.W x 14½-in.D, front-to-back support base. Choose from lengths of 36-in., 48-in., 60-in. and 72-in. and corresponding weights of 12 lb., 15 lb., 18 lb. and 21 lb. Custom colors are available as well as optional 18-in.W side panels.
Advance Tabco

Durable, High-Performing Fryers
Globe recently added gas floor fryers to its cooking line. Models are available in 3 oil capacities (35-40 lb., 50 lb. and 80 lb.) and natural or liquid propane gas. Other equipment highlights are a stainless fully-peened fry tank with smooth polished welds; a large foam zone, preventing excessive foam build up from moisture in the oil; and an efficient Btu heat exchange—each tube puts out 30,000 Btu. Fryers come with a 2-yr. tank warranty and 2-yr. parts-and-labor warranty.
Globe Food Equipment

2 Grill Patterns, 1 Grate
Together with the Rational SelfCookingCenter, the diamond and grill grate creates 2 different patterns—an American steakhouse pattern or classic parallel grill stripes—depending on which side you use. The grate suits large quantities. Prepare up to 160 medium steaks with a grill pattern uniformly in 15 min. at the press of a button. Use the accessory to achieve a grill pattern with fish or vegetables, too. The grate requires no preheating and sports TriLax nonstick coating to support browning and is ideal for use up to 572°F.
Rational USA

Refrigeration Built Your Way
Eagle now offers refrigeration as part of its custom-fabricated chef’s counters and serving counters. Models boast 1, 2 and 3 doors and feature self-contained or remote refrigeration. Choose a stainless flattop, sandwich style or raised rail refrigerator; refrigerated drawers are available. Standard features are 304 stainless interior and exteriors, digital temperature controls, foam-in-place CFC-free urethane insulation and a front fascia-mounted dial thermometer. Raised rail units feature full-width NSF-approved cutting boards and stainless night covers.
Eagle Group

Rediscover Accent Lighting
Revamp your operation’s tabletop lighting with Sterno’s latest design collections—Classic Elegance, Industrial Chic, Unique Impressions, Vintage Charm and Outdoor. These collections are inspired by the latest restaurant design trends and are organized to help you efficiently select products to fi t your operation’s style. Go ahead and mix and match products from different lines. Each collection offers a variety of sizes and styles, including Tealights and Votives, Hurricanes and Cocktails, and Shades and Candlesticks.
Sterno Products/Candle Corp.

Great Ice Machine For Cocktails
Hoshizaki has released the newest model in the large square cube ice machine series. The IM-200BAA is an undercounter unit—ideal for premium restaurants, bars and clubs—with the capacity to create up to 200 lb./24 hr. With a 75-lb. capacity, air-cooled, self-contained built-in storage bin for optimum convenience, small footprint and Energy Star-qualified status, this machine meets the needs of bartenders who require specialty ice. Overall dimensions equal 39½-in.W x 235/8-in.D x 33½-in.H.
Hoshizaki America

Precise Humidity Every Time
FWE’s Clymate IQ humidified heated holding cabinets sport Intuitive Climate Control, a technology that allows employees to adjust food quality characteristics instead of just cabinet air properties. User-friendly, color-coded controls allow employees to set units from 10%-90% relative humidity and 90°F-200°F. The cabinets recover temperatures quickly so you don’t have to worry about losing heat and humidity if you open and close the door repeatedly during peak services times. Choose between 12, 10, 6 and 4 18-in. x 26-in.-pan capacities.
FWE/Food Warming Equipment

Unbreakable Drinkware
These unbreakable 16-oz. pints and 20-oz. pub “glasses” look and feel like real glass, but won’t crack, discolor, haze or cloud like acrylic or polycarbonate alternatives. The drinkware is BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Made using a proprietary molding process, the drinkware frosts up better than traditional glass with insulation properties that keep beverages colder longer and won’t sweat on the outside. Place the drinkware into the freezer immediately after it comes out of a dishwasher, no cool-down period required.


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