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Celebrate The Xcelerate!

The Xcelerate Hi-Speed oven combines powerful microwave and air impingement technologies to cook up to 10 times faster than a conventional oven while maintaining a freshly baked taste, texture and appearance. The energy-efficient Xcelerate fits a variety of applications with the ability to defrost, reheat, cook, bake and brown. The easy-to-use programmable touchscreen control produces consistent results in seconds with downloadable recipes. Operation of the touchscreen oven is made simple with picture-based icons and audible and visual alarms, ensuring quality cooking outcomes no matter who is working in the kitchen. The built-in catalytic converter allows for placement outside of an expensive hood, making it perfect for small spaces in airports, hotels, bakeries, coffee shops, bars, convenience stores and quick-service restaurants. Cleaning is easy with the rounded interior corners and no movable parts in the baking chamber.

Alto-Shaam Inc.

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