PRODUCTS: June 2016

Cooking oil alters the texture, color and taste of fried food products. Done well, oil affects food in delicious ways. But the point at which your employees change or filter oil can affect the product recipe, flavor consistency from store to store and, ultimately, your brand. Frontline’s M3 data management system, combined with the EZ Oil fresh-oil dispensing system and direct-plumbed waste oil equipment, now offers a tool that enables you to program your fryers to automatically top-off and filter oil—all in an effort to enhance the taste of your product and to ensure consistent results. “Every time an employee uses a fryer, the equipment immediately ‘talks’ to the M3 management system, which signals to the EZ Oil system precisely how much oil to add to the vat,” says Giovanni Brienza, V.P. of Frontline. “The automated top-off feature ensures consistent results from batch to batch.” The tool also works with a battery of fryers—each individual fryer communicates to the EZ Oil system via the M3 communication portal. This feature ensures a vat cooking fries and another preparing chicken receive the specific amount of oil needed.

The UH330 ADA serves as Champion’s shortest ventless undercounter dishmachine, designed to fit below counters with thick countertops. The unit’s exterior height of 29½-in. allows you to install it under the thickest countertops meeting the 34-in. ADA requirements; it also comes with Dry Assist heat recovery technology, which offers a quick drying time, 50% more energy efficiency and reduced labor costs. The Energy Star-qualified unit offers 3 cycle options for enhanced cleaning, washing up to 30 racks/hr. with 120-sec. cycle times.
Champion/Ali Group

Vollrath’s self-serve refrigerated display cases are available cubed or curved and either 36-in., 48-in. or 60-in.W. The all-glass view with interior lighting enhances merchandising from all angles. Remove the front and rear sliding doors for restocking and cleaning. Digital thermostats provide temperature control from 36°F-46°F and dual fans keep air circulating throughout the cabinet. The cabinets are 120V AC, plug into a standard NEMA 5-15P receptacle and are ETL listed.

This line of reach-in blast chillers/freezers will take product from 194°F to 37°F in 90 min., and the freezing process will take product from 194°F to 0°F in 240 min. Standard features include cabinets and doors foamed-in-place with CFC-free polyurethane insulation, copper/aluminum corrosion-resistant evaporators, R-404a refrigerant, L-shaped probes and LCD control boards with USB ports. Choose from 3 models, holding 3, 6 or 10 shelves. The largest model, NBCF220/110-16A, measures 4015/16-in.W x 40-in.D x 78-in.H.

Cres Cor’s H-137 Series heated cabinets maintain the right combination of heat and humidity to properly hold products. Footprint models range from full size, ½ size, ¾ size and undercounter. Cabinets sport stainless construction throughout for ease of cleaning, plus a reinforced internal base; control panels come with easy-to-read thermometers. Options on the dutch doors include field reversible, self-closing hinges, antimicrobial latches and silicone door gaskets. An LED digital display on certain models ensures holding at precise food temperatures and moisture content. Choose from multiple Energy Star-rated models.
Cres Cor

Ideal for virtually any commercial kitchen or bar, this stainless drop-in water station includes a K-54 deck-mount faucet with a pushback actuator. Measuring 12-in.W x 14-in.D, model DI-1-9 features a removable electro-polished stainless grill. Models D-24-WSIBL (21-in.W x 18-in.D) and D-24-WSIBL2 (18-in.W x 21-in.D) include a 12-in.D insulated ice bin, removable grate to cover the drip pan, a rubber thermal break to reduce condensation and a sliding stainless cover.
Advance Tabco

Micro XCESSories marks the latest line of tableware from Spring USA. These individual portion-sized serving dishes are available in copper or 18/8 stainless. Micro pieces range from ¼-cup to ½-cup capacities and are ideal for individual tastings. Use the tableware to serve hors d’oeuvres, finger foods or your signature appetizer.
Spring USA

The MBU-A line of undercounter/worktable refrigerators and freezers features a front-breathing design and allows cabinets to be enclosed on the top, sides and back, freeing area workspace and offering zero-clearance installation. The series also includes a condenser filter screen in the rear of the cabinet that can be removed without tools for easy cleaning. Simply pull the screen out, rinse with water and replace. The mesh screen filters incoming air to ensure the condenser coil is free of dirt and debris. Doors on the series are self-closing and you can choose from 1, 2 or 3 doors. All models meet 2017 DOE requirements

Focusing on trendy looks with natural elements, American Metalcraft has introduced several designs of drinkware made of antique and shiny copper and stainless in satin and mirror finishes, black and gold with brass handles. Copper cocktail shakers and copper and stainless jiggers round out the mix. This year the company plans to introduce more than 20 mugs, tumblers, cups and drink cans.
American Metalcraft


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