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Grease Is Not The Word with Auto Scrubber Hood

Accurex's new self-cleaning Auto Scrubber Hood System cleans both sides of the filters in place along with the inside of the exhaust plenum. This eliminates the need for daily removal and cleaning, dramatically reducing operating costs and increasing worker safety. The drastic reduction of grease build-up on the filters, ductwork and fans decreases fire potential as well. The Auto Scrubber is ideal for heavy grease-producing appliances such as char broilers, woks, fryers and griddles; facilities with long duct runs; and facilities with long hours of operation. The Auto Scrubber can be used with baffle, Grease X-Tractor, Grease Grabber, spark arrestor or energy recovery filters. Additional features include a 2-in. gravity drain that captures grease from the pitched grease trough and a single control panel that controls multiple hood sections or duct sumps. Tool-free access panels provide easy access for maintenance and inspections and allow for safe removal of filters.

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