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Emerson Webinar Unscrambles What Is Going On With Refrigerants

Having a hard time keeping track of the latest regulatory rulings, refrigerant phaseouts and all the acronyms (EPA, SNAP, GWP) involved in understanding what is going on with refrigeration and how all of it impacts your business?

Tune in at 2 p.m. EST on November 29 to Emerson’s E360 Webinar to get a handle on all the detail will help you do just that. In Making Sense of the Latest Rulemaking on Acceptable Refrigerants, Emerson’s Dr. Rajan Rajendran will provide an update on the latest refrigerant rulings and the global regulations to limit refrigerants with high global warming potential (GWP). Refrigerant manufacturers, including Honeywell’s Dr. Samuel Yana Motta, Chemours’ Dr. Barbara H. Minor and Arkema's Matt Ritter, will discuss developments in new refrigerants and their applications.

•           Change of status on refrigerants per the latest SNAP ruling

•           Revisions to Section 608 leak detection ruling

•           Global regulations to limit high-GWP refrigerants

•           Development of new acceptable refrigerant substitutes

•           SNAP’s impact on AC chillers

Register here for the 90-minute program.

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