Dallas Ponders Patio Parking Spaces

A new city proposal has some Dallas restaurant operators concerned about their patio seating and the success of future businesses growing in the area.

The proposed amendment to a city ordinance on parking would require taverns, bars, breweries and restaurants with uncovered patios to provide extra parking for the patio patrons they serve. As zoning law now stands, bars and restaurants are able to expand their occupancy through outdoor areas without providing additional amenities like parking. Some operators say that with the advent of ride-sharing services like Uber, there is less need than ever for parking spaces.

If the amendment were to pass, it would likely only impact new businesses moving forward, but bar and restaurant operators foresee a dampening effect on new businesses opening in the city’s vibrant restaurant scene. They’ve formed a “Save the Patio” group to voice their concerns that too many regulations may cripple neighborhoods that rely heavily on outdoor drinking and dining.

The Dallas City Council also is exploring an amendment on business curfews that would force all bars city-wide to obtain special permits just to stay open past midnight.

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