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Notes From CFESA: The Basics


Two simple words, yet possibly the two most important words in a new technician’s career. To build anything, you need a solid foundation, and creating a new technician’s career is no different. In most cases, a new hire is given a brief introduction into the world of commercial kitchen equipment repair and then assigned to a senior tech to ride along with and to pick up the knowledge he or she needs to do the job. This process can take weeks or months depending on the training the new tech receives. Most of the time, a new hire doesn’t even know what questions to ask, so they don’t ask any. Therefore, numerous times these new hires are sent out with little or no knowledge of the basics of troubleshooting and repairing even the simplest of units. The answer to this problem is CFESA’s NTT and EGS&W training classes.

NTT, or New Tech Training, is designed for the newest of new techs, those having little to no experience in the industry.  CFESA created EGS&W (Electric, Gas, Steam & Water) training for the tech that is working in the industry and needs a little push—maybe a cold-side tech that is crossing over to work on more cooking equipment. The courses provide your technician all the necessary knowledge to form his or her foundation. They return more confident and ready to be assigned to be mentored by the lead or senior tech, thus cutting down on the ride time and more quickly getting the new tech out and productive.

In 2018 CFESA will offer one of these classes every month, starting with our NTT in January, and our EGS&W class in February.  Let CFESA be your Trainer of the Basics and set a solid foundation for you to build a first-class technician. Sign up here. 

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