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The Cleveland Range PowerPan series has a 35-in. rim height, 10-degree tilt feature and an open base, allowing for ease in both cooking and cleaning. Exclusive value-added features include a dynamic power burner (forced-air) gas combustion system with 160,000-Btu standard power and a 200,000-Btu high-power setting for superior heat-up and recovery times. This increase in time creates higher productivity for a wide variety of cooking, such as grilling and braising meats, steaming vegetables and rice, or simmering soups and sauces. Available in 30- and 40-gal. capacities with easy-to-turn manual crank tilt or optional power tilt models with manual override. Bead-blasted cooking surfaces help prevent foods from sticking, while stainless construction and reinforced bottoms add durability.

Cleveland Range Co.
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