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SPECIAL REPORT: Water Filtration Gallery

3M Water Filtration

The new TFS450 reverse-osmosis system from 3M Water Filtration Products produces 300 gals. to 600 gals./day of water depending on your water-recipe requirements. Equipped with a precision blending valve, this 19”W x 25”H x 7”D wall-mountable system allows you to dial in the desired level of dissolved minerals to meet the flavor profile of your coffee or espresso. A pressurized product-water tank (sold separately) and a nonelectrical bypass valve help maintain flow during peak demand periods. The system maintains a flow rate of up to 5 gpm and includes a battery-powered online TDS meter and pressure gauges for performance monitoring and troubleshooting. In addition, each of the cartridge-filter elements comes in a sanitary, quick-change capsule for easy change-outs.

A.J. Antunes

The VZN Series of water filtration systems uses self-cleaning ultra-filtration ahead of a low-cost carbon cartridge to separate mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction. This self-cleaning and separation ensures that the carbon cartridge will meet its life expectancy, says Antunes, and mechanically pure water eliminates premature clogging. Following these steps is a crystallization process designed to protect equipment from lime buildup. The ultra-filter removes particles as small as .015 micron while the crystallization cartridge reduces lime by 96% to 98% without chemicals. Two VZN models provide capacities of 8 gals./min. and 15 gals./min. respectively. The VZN Series is part of the VIZION brand of water filtration systems.


From Cirqua comes the Easy Series AB Formulator, a unit that brings low mineral-content water up to the level needed for optimal coffee and tea flavor. The Formulator can be used alone or attached to a reverse osmosis system, and based on a simple dial-in approach, the system automatically re-mineralizes water to your specifications. By adding food-grade mineral salts to the water across your system, and creating a specific and consistent level of water hardness, you can maintain the flavor profile your brand is known for. The Formulator fits in an 18” x 24” footprint and offers a service flow rate of 4½ gpm and output pressure of 4 psi.


Last year Culligan introduced a line of reverse osmosis products as part of its Culligan Matrix Solutions water treatment line. The products include the entry-level E Series plus the M Series and G Series with enhanced features and higher water capacities. The E and M Series both accommodate flow rates of 0.2 gpm to 7 gpm, and the M line adds Culligan’s electronic Smart Controller technology to the M2 model. Meanwhile, the G Series accommodates water capacities of 0.2 gpm to more than 3,000 gpm and offers the Smart Controller for all models. Smart Controller monitors equipment performance and allows you to track operation from a remote location or handheld wireless device. In all, Culligan offers 11 reverse osmosis units.


Everpure has added a new scale-prevention cartridge to its Claris Water Technology system. The new XX-Large Filter Cartridge extends the line beyond coffee and espresso applications to include hot-drink vending machines, combi ovens, steamers and iced-tea brewing machines. Claris XXL blends a small amount of filtered water with softened water to keep pH levels from becoming too acidic. In addition, Claris XXL features DuoBlend, a bypass valve that provides consistent and precise adjustment of carbonate hardness with balanced minerals. In all, five stages include prefiltration, carbonate hardness adjustment, fine filtration, carbon block removal of contaminants, and solid membrane filtration of particles down to 5 microns. Claris can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position.


Check out the new BWS100 Series and BWS-QT Series reverse osmosis systems, which remove more than 97% of total dissolved solids and then blend with specially treated water to a mineral balance chosen by you. These complete systems include pretreatment, R/O processing, a TDS monitor, storage tank, filtered-water bypass valve and installation kit. The compact BWS100 Series produces as many as 100 gals./day, offers four different storage tank option, and can be wall mounted or installed in a cabinet. The BWS-QT Series produces as many as 400 gals./day and offers a choice of three storage tanks with variable-speed repressurization pumps.

Selecto Scientific

Designed for coffee, tea and espresso machines, the SMF CoffeeTea Pro water filtering cartridge uses hollow carbon and what it calls NanoSmart media to filter dirt, chemicals and chloramines. The unit features a polypropylene housing and reinforced nylon head designed to withstand high pressure, and a modular design makes installation a snap. The filter holds 40 times more dirt and sediment than conventional carbon block and polypropylene sediment filters, according to Selecto, and offers 30 times the chloramine reduction of a conventional carbon block filter. SMF CoffeeTea Pro filters to 0.5 micron and can accommodate 100,000 gals. at 5 gpm when filtering for chloramine.

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