The Times They Are A-Changin’

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Though he wrote this song in 1965, Bob Dylan’s words could not be any truer today. As a generation, we have experienced unimaginable change. As an industry, in just the past few years we have gone from in person, to lockdowns, to a hybrid model of work. When embraced, companies have benefited from these experiences and have learned the importance of diversifying all aspects of how they do business.

We’ve learned we can’t always count on one sector to keep our companies healthy and growing. We might have benefited from finding new customers who were forced our way due to supply chain issues or, likewise, we could have been hurt by that phenomenon. Either way, we conquered, survived and in many cases thrived. We have learned that advertising is no longer just about focusing on one medium, like print (yes, I said it), but must consist of a multipronged approach that also includes digital, custom content, search, retargeting and social to make sure your message is not only seen and heard but also reaching the right people. And now, we find ourselves needing to learn about how AI will influence just about everything we do.

Now we need to learn about the influence of AI.

FER continues to be here to help you. Our team has spent the past six years growing our media offerings. Our digital options now significantly outweigh those of print. We still love the printed page you’re probably reading now, but we also understand the perils of a one-size-fits-all approach. We have assembled a staff of experts to help you from a purely non-advertising perspective; we call it our Digital Solutions Group. Think of us as your PR and ad agency specializing in the foodservice industry.

In 1980, Dylan also wrote the song “Are You Ready?” Well, are you? At FER, we’re not only ready but we’re also ready to help you. Reach out and let’s talk.


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CEO, Specifi North America



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