Wendy’s Unveils New Global Restaurant Design Standard

Features of the future-forward "Global Next Gen" design include a delivery pickup window, a mobile order pickup station and a reimagined kitchen.

Wendys Gobal Next Gen Design 1200x800 1
An exterior delivery pickup window is one of the features that will become standard at all new Wendy's restaurant builds. Courtesy of Wendy's.

Wendy’s is looking to give customers across all ordering channels a better experience with its new future-forward global restaurant design standard.

The company unveiled the “Global Next Gen” design today, which aims to “consistently meet the needs” of its customers through all platforms, whether that’s through a digital channel or in the drive-thru, as customer preferences have continued to change. The brand’s new traditional restaurant builds will feature the design beginning this fall.

4 Wendys Global Next Gen Far Counter

The new design features mobile order pickup shelving and dedicated mobile order parking spots. Courtesy of Wendy’s.

For delivery customers, the stores will have a dedicated exterior delivery pickup window and delivery parking, making it quicker for delivery drivers, who previously had to go inside to pick up orders. And for mobile order customers, the restaurants will feature dedicated mobile order parking and pickup shelving in-store.

The brand’s new kitchens will also have a fresh look. They’ll take on a galley-style design, running from the front to the back of the restaurant, which Wendy’s says will increase efficiency and oversight for crews across all sales channels.

Other features include modernized technology that will allow stores to take on more digital business than before and more efficient building elements, such as lighting and HVAC, to decrease energy usage and costs.

Wendy’s plans to open its first “Global Next Gen” restaurant in New Albany, Ohio, next spring.


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